I can’t select watchlist, anyone else experiencing the same problem.

Same, you’re right

Hi both, when you say ‘select’ Watchlist, what is the error you’re experiencing?


Adding a stock. Pressing ‘add to watchlist’ doesnt do anything.

I can’t replicate this.

It works ok for me.

Are you on iOS or Android? Latest version of the app?

Android latest version.
Actually, I can add stocks to the watchlist that are already in my portfolio. Stocks that I don’t already own can’t be added.

I can add both stocks which are in and not in my Portfolio, that’s strange.

We’re checking this out now.

When I click the star to add to watchlist it’s not highlighted.

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I also have this. Button is not responsive and sometimes not even there at all
Reported via chat earlier. Android, latest version

Thanks everyone for letting us know, and sorry about this.

We’re investigating the issue now.

Yup not working at the mo

Hasn’t been working for me since yesterday. I’m on the latest Android version of the app. I hope this is resolved soon.

We have submitted a new Android app version with a fix for this today. Once Google has approved it and published it in the Play Store, you will be able to upgrade to get the fix! The app version will be 1.0.8532


thanks for the quick turnaround

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That’s great news! Quick to solve the problem as always :grin: :+1:

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