Weekly Wrap 14/12/18


Because what’s a week without a wrap?

(Emma) #2

Is there somewhere we can donate money to get Alex a Christmas jumper for next year?
Something really loud and ugly.
I’m sure he’d appreciate it

Edit: found the perfect one

(Vladislav Kozub) #3

Alex opted for a regular jumper.

Booo :open_mouth::joy:

On a serious note:

We’re currently finalising the W8-Ben form. This form makes it much easier for non-US citizens (e.g. our users) to invest in US stocks and it also reduces the tax on US dividends.

It is very nice that such an essential feature (a.k.a. more money from dividends for owning the US stocks) is being shipped so soon :slight_smile:

(Chris) #4

Welcome to last year’s jumper :grinning: