What are you doing before election?

Have a limited company that I invest in P2P but mainly syndicated real estate. Tax-free dividends for both myself and the company next year. I can lower the corporate tax burden that way as well. And charge things through the company

Apart from Freetrade it I had Freetrade :joy: 10k plus in stocks 20k plus in ETFS. I’m in no way F.I.R.E’d but as you said I’ll accelerate it. Anything I start as well will go through the company. Thus 10 years of no-tax save a municipal tax or something like that and VAT. When I started researching this I thought it was exactly what I need to do. I’m applying for a hemp growing licence out there as well and/or the medical marijuana growing as well. I think I need the former for the latter

Was turned down a US Visa after 18 months of applying and would have done the whole property thing in Texas, multi-family units in an LLC. I was all but ready to go…Every cloud as they say and now Portugal seems like the preferred destination worldwide and I love it!

Plan is to go for a year initially. And it wouldn’t cost that much at all. €1500 a month is more than adequate with rent being €500 of that. I’m never coming back let’s be honest! Ireland has so many obstacles to wealth building and because it has no benefit for most people here I won’t go into it.

Sorry about the essay but I need to do it justice. If I can help other people see the light of Portugal then I must explain my reasons for it properly as there often not far off what others are/is :wink:

Edit: Capital gains is still taxed this is for income so distributing ETFs and stock dividends are tax-free. CGT is 28% or half of the gain @ 28% if it’s from property and it’s being re-invested in property

don’t forget 10% of shares in every business with more than 250 employees

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I had forgot about that, I’m not convinced by all their manifesto.

But at the moment Labour seem the least worst to me. The economy needs stimulus and that works better from the bottom up. The one thing all businesses need more than anything else is customers

Routeing more money to the rich who just hoard it is effectively deflationary

Also we are still the 5th Richest country in the world, we can afford to raise living standards across the board despite what the Daily Express et al. say

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I imagine the pound and the markets (less so the ftse 100) will tank if we get another hung parliament. Everyone is free to vote for whoever they want, but it might pay to be hedged if you’re involved in the markets :joy:

I have a reasonable chunk of cash, if markets tank I’ll be looking for bargains :smiley:


Take a selfie outside the polling station for a free pint of BrewDog:

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JD Sports & Greggs have tanked today, none of my UK Stocks are showing anything positive for today. :sweat_smile:

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Today I sold something, around 15%. I strongly hope for Corbyn prime minister :smiley: .

:scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

Yes, if Corbyn wins I will gain around 500£ in one day.

:rofl: paranoia much

Those ratios are nothing different to much of the UK if working minimum wage. Not a reason to move there to get rich. Only benefit is the weather. There’s a reason people from there move abroad to work

The markets have priced in a Conservative majority victory. Anything other than that will likely lead to a fall in the UK markets, and a Labour majority win would likely lead to a steeper drop.

Labours nationalisation promises are really bad for UK energy and utilities stocks - regardless of your political views on if the policy would be effective

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My money will be on a hung parliament, with who I have no idea. That’ll give them the out they want on Brexit

Even in case of hung parliament I will earn at least 250£. The curious thing is that UK properties didn’t perform good today…

No tax on foreign income for 10 years? There’s no difference? Nice one mate

Only benefit is weather says you. It’s difficult to free fools from the chains they revere

Also you’re telling me people live in the UK on £1300 p/m while their gross (the taxed bit) is actually makin them more money. No ones tax actually makes them any money it goes on government programs. I choose what I take and any money I take out is completely tax-free for me and my company. You’re definitely voting for labour because you can’t seem to wrap your head around the idea of not paying tax for 10 years. If I didn’t pay tax for ten years in my current job that’s €12.5k a year extra. Haha come off it mate

Sold some free shares.

Not much, just anticipating UK to go down heavvvvvy

So buying hopefully

Have a spread bet going long GBP/USD. I’m down several hundred pounds right now. :grimacing:

I’m mostly sensible. Not today.

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In the past I’ve used Options straddles to spread bet on things just before a big news story. You win if it moves alot in either direction. The risk is it doesn’t move and you lose both premiums

It depends on the results.
To be honest I hope GBP/USD at 1.25.

why do you wish that?