What does profit/ loss include?

Does the headline rate of profit/loss on the portfolio page include dividend return?

And the same question for the percentage portfolio performance data on the insights page.


Dividends are included in the portfolio profit, but not the individual investment, since they are paid as cash.

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I don’t know for sure, but I’d imagine that dividend isn’t included. These payments are paid separately and while they are based on share price, they’re not part of it. Companies can choose to suspend or increase their dividend and as such, it’s a variable factor that can’t always be accurately included. The share price of course changes, but it’s a simple metric. To include dividend in the profit loss, :freetrade: would have to include every single dividend you’d received and know the future dividend payment.

Again, I could be wrong. I think they’d go with the simplest/easiest to calculate metric, though. That’s the difference between the share prices you paid and the current ones, based on their delayed data.

yes it does. The profit on the portfolio page is simply, profit = portfolio value - total amount deposited. So it includes dividends and even the value of any free shares you received.