What ETF available on Freetrade has the biggest % investment in Amazon

Can anyone help please I was trying to find FDIS but couldn’t find it

ICDU should do the trick :slight_smile:
iShares S&P 500 Consumer Discretionary seems to hold around 32.5% AMZN as of 05/01/2020


Why not just buy Amazon?


I would buy Amazon if I had the investment pie offering. Can I open a sipp and buy Amazon shares? I don’t know how Sipps work. How many companies can you add to a SIPP? I was hoping to start a SIPP and invest roughly £200 a month

Thank you for your help,is it this one

Yes you can buy Amazon in a SIPP. You can have as many holdings in there as you like. It’s just like an ISA - just a different type of wrapper.

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Thanks,I am waiting for Freetrade to start SIPPS


Should be able to cross reference these ETF’s and their % allocation by searching them on the Freetrade website:

Thank @finki for the incredibly easy way to see this info!


So if I choose 10 companies then pay £200 a month into it then 20% will go into each company every month. Is that how it works? Or can I pay 30% to Amazon and 10% to another share

I read yesterday Amazon purchased 11 planes. They are going to be a massive logistics company in the coming years and save a fortune using there own in-house shipping

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Not on Freetrade, yet. The SIPP is just like the GIA or ISA account, you choose your own investments and the value of them, nothing automatic about it.

Game changer when Autopilot is finally released though.

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Much appreciated

More coming soon. Revamping the “share search” functionality too … as well as the ETF underlying holding stuff