What new tech / gadget are you excited to see?

I saw an article today about a new product fusion is launching this year - air purifying noise cancellation headphones.

I don’t think I’d ever need them or want them but they look wild and I love to see them in action.

What tech, gadget or software are you excited about seeing? Share some pics below and let’s get the community back to being a fun place to spend time.
You don’t have to want to buy something to be excited by it.


The Dyson Zone


I’m also pumped to get a look at this in person, it’s been out of stock since launch. The biggest Lego set ever launched.

The Titanic


I really hope this is real and not an April Fools joke.

This will be a godsend for hay fever season.

I imagine it’s a marketing gimmick to get everyone talking about the Dyson brand.

Not that I’d ever have a Dyson product in my house after the company backed Brexit and then relocated their HQ as soon as it happened. I’d rather have dirty floors and filthy air.

But back to the topic, there aren’t really any gadgets or future tech that I’m looking forward to in the near future. An Apple Car is just a car, their augmented reality glasses aren’t going to be that useful either.

If anything, I’d like to take some tech out of my life and get into woodwork or something hands on.

A phone, a tablet, bluetooth earbuds… that’s enough to keep me content.

Ninja edit to add… I don’t think the next tech revolutions are going to be new products, but more likely changes in the way we use existing tech. Be that promises of Web 3.0, crypto, a new generation of social media, new ways to work from home etc etc. The internet still hasn’t been around that long and I doubt we’re even close to its full potential yet.

Put me down for quieter roads and cleaner air once EVs are in the majority - THAT excites me (the increased tyre particles in the sea does not excite me)


Air purifier headphones is something I could get behind! I’m a podcast producer so I spend a ton of time in headphones. I wonder how they manage the air purifying without adding significant noise.

Ditto on cash cows dyson sentiments though.


I don’t really follow consumer tech that closely atm so I’m interested to know what other cool stuff is being worked on that I’m unaware of.


I’d expect no less from the Freetrade community’s favourite four-legged investor.


My money is on @heytokyo seeing the Dyson Zone ‘in the wild’ before anyone else.


I’m intrigued by the Nothing phone, due for launch this summer:

(Not because I’m a tech geek, but because I’m thinking of investing in the company)


No pics yet, I wonder if they’ll do something original and not a black rectangle

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They are noise cancelling! :headphones:

Here is the Dyson tweet

And tech reviewer and all round decent guy MKBHD’s quote tweet - I think he speaks for a lot of people here

Sorry Marquess it’s real


They could have at least marketed it as a gadget against the ongoing pandemic. :thinking:

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I want an electric vehicle. Simpler to run, cheaper to run, charge it at home - no going to the petrol station, and save the environment. But they’re too expensive and people who live in rental houses or flats can’t really charge them.

Not really sure of anything else that’s coming out. My smartphone is pretty simple, I wear a retro Casio watch when I need one. Got a 2012 MacBook Pro, 2009 year car, it all works well.

Might get some wireless earphones, but adding charging seems like a step backwards in usability. Not that much that I’m excited for these days.

My prediction for the future is more and more small, low cost devices having computer chips and batteries in them, like these hats with lights that have come out recently:

I think most people look at hi-tech gadgets that will come out with improved technology, but overlook simple, low cost devices that will now become economically viable. Maybe something like a battery powered cigarette lighter or gloves with heaters in them, but reasonably priced for the masses.


If you scroll down a few comments there is a scientist tweet storm explaining why there are a “snot cannon” and would make the pandemic or any future one much much worse.


Brilliant :smiley:

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I am looking forward to quantum computing coming of age and being available to us mere mortals - of which I suspect that we will not be for long having such spooky tech!

:ghost: :computer:


What is a useable case study for “Mondeo Man” (read as average man on the street)

I think this is a great question. I barely ever open my home laptop anymore. 99% of the things I need to do can be done on my phone.