What's the best way of keeping track of Ex-Dividend and Dividend Payment dates?

I suppose something like an API (that I can use in Google sheets) would be ideal but, failing that, is there some kind of service I can upload my holdings into and track when key dividend dates are coming up?

Thanks very much in advance!



Sign up for free to get Notifications - enter your investments and you will get an email when dividends are announced and info on when they will be paid.

So you’ll get something like this:


App callee dividend tracker

The Finki API
Use it with google sheets … demo here…

And when people ask I put together a monthly list


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Hey @finki - thanks for the reply.

Tbh, I’m using your API pretty much exclusively in my Sheets at the moment, but figured it had been trimmed down, given that I couldn’t see any details around Dividends on the website.

Is that info still available?

Yep, all still available. I just messed up that page detailing the available functions - apologies.

You’ll want ukDividendExDate, ukDividendPayDate functions etc …

I’ve been really focussed on other aspects of Finki so haven’t built out this api … anything you need adding to the Api calls just let me know


Looking at the function names - is the Dividend info purely for Direct UK stocks (as opposed to US businesses or funds)?

Yep - for dull reasons I had to split UK and US calls.

ukDividend(xx) is for UK/LSE listed
usDividend (xx) for US

There is no EURO or HONGKONG call right now… but there will be

I’ve updated the FinkiAPI table to reflect “some” of whats available


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Legend. Thank you very much!

They don’t have the latest data. I just tried IE00B44T3H88 and it still shows the previous dividend rather than this month’s

Quite right. Apologies.
ETF dividends causing me endless headaches but I think I’ve cracked it - it at least on the right path. Database record of ‘old’ dividend not being purged even though ‘new’ dividend records exist! Phew! Hot fix going in now. Might be intermittent errors as I play with it but it seems stable.
Again, apologies
Keep the bug reports coming

do you mean for your holdings or just generally?

All ETF dividend data. They declare quite late, they declare in multiple currencies against a single ISIN, they generally are just a bit harder from a data management point of view to get right… and I got some a few wrong…I can see why it happened and I think (hope) I’ve cracked it. Fingers crossed.

I’ve took up a paid subscription with dividendmax after the free trial to track my investments and dividends.
It’s very clear and easy to use. Really impressed.
They add any stocks or ETF’s you request as a paid subscriber.

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Simply wall st has similar functions but it’s a bit manual. Sadly they focus on stocks yet I invest 100% so far in funds so not very helpful for me, but would quite be for stock investors

@piyushsg might be able to add them to the Finki API… you got a list if specific funds… or just “all” ? Clearly “all” will take me a little longer to get up and running. Let me know.

Sorry but not sure what you mean? Forgive me but I am quite new here

@piyushsg My understanding was you want fund dividend data?
If so, I serve similar data via an easy API, Googlesheets or Excel add in.
If you wanted fund dividend data extractable so you can monitor your upcoming payments or research funds then you might want to use it. If not, no bother.

Right I see what you mean now. Sorry I didn’t know your background.

You work for Freetrade? Would be quite handy to have your APIs to the brokers thus to us users.

I don’t run my investments in spreadsheets unfortunately so perhaps I am not as sophisticated as your other users.

I don’t work for Freetrade.

My APIs are consumable wherever you chose. Some integrate directly to their websites.

Lots of people asking me ‘just present this data for me… like Simply Wall St or WeBull do’ … which was never my intention, but it seems you’d benefit from that approach. Hmm. One to ponder for me.