When will Freetrade be available in the USA/Canada

When will Freetrade be available in the USA/Canada Approximately will do.

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Next stop is the rest of EU, as far as I am aware there are no plans for the USA where I suspect the market is a lot more mature and saturated anyways.


As for Canada, last time I checked there was no Freetrade like broker. I’m not an expert, but I have the feeling people from Canada are more open than Europeans when it comes to investing in the stock market, and closer to Americans in terms of mindset. But I’m not from Canada, hence I may be wrong. Maybe there’s someone from Canada in this forum who can shed some light?

I might end up in norway next year it would be nice if freetrade was there waiting for me :grin:

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The founder or co-founder of Freetrade is Canadian

Once Freetrade has conquered Europe and learned almost every mistake and challenge there is then I suspect an entry into the USA/Canada will be a piece of cake and a no brainer. They would have the full infrastructure by then, so there is no way that they wouldn’t want to access a joint populations of nearly 400 million people.

I suspect they will enter the USA/Canada in 2021/22

Once Freetrade have smashed North America in 2021-23 there will be an IPO shortly thereafter with a valuation of 3-4 billion and then I retire with my £3000 crowdcube investment worth £200,000. Yipeeeeee!!!


I also wish this could be true. In the US there’s already Robinhood and M1 Finance in the space. We must go but I doubt it will be a piece of cake.

Who gave you access to the internal roadmap? :thinking:


Similar situation for myself with a few more shares. Would love this to happen. This is the way

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Hi @simonpoole,
Does that mean ,USA/Canada plans are there in the internal roadmap ?

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It’s my contribution to the Internal Roadmap lol

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When I say a piece of cake,I mean the whole Freetrade Infrastructure will be in place,so it should be much much easier than Europe with all the different languages to overcome,also they will have learned so much with the Euro currency on boarding it will be far easier with the USA/Canada dollar.

In that sense, yes. And depending on the rollout in continental Europe, i.e. with translated app, expanding to Central and South America would also be easier. In that sense that is. And Africa. And Australia/New Zealand.

Australia/New Zealand would also be a great move.

You beat me to my edit :rofl::rofl::rofl:

You didn’t mention Asia or India. Massive populations there to go at

I’m not a glutton. I was leaving room for your contribution :wink: :crazy_face: :rofl:

How about Mars, for when Elon Musk colonises it? Population unknown though, and propensity to invest of little green men is unknown too.