Where can I see queued orders?


Just wanted to buy Plug power and my order did not go through (gave an error). Upon checking my account info, i see the money is reserved. I suppose my order is queued but I cannot see it in my activity feed or on the Plug share screen. Where can I find that info and can I cancel the order (and place a new one)?

Also: if that order eventually gets executed, I suppose it will go at the latest price or at the price I confirmed when I clicked buy?

You can normally see queued orders in your portfolio under investments but typically if you’ve had an error I wouldn’t have expected it to queue. Best bet is to reach out to in-app support as they’ll be able to tell you exactly what’s going on / sort it out.

Yeah, it was a glitch. Support solved it at the correct price luckily. The price has since gone up 40 cent/share 13,25 to 13,65, which is a sizeable rise.

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