Why haven’t my APE shares converted to AMC yet?

I was meant to convert into AMC today and yet my Apple shares are still sitting there doing nothing. Why haven’t they converted I’m not happy about this. What if I wanted to sell today why is it every time the AMC does something like this you seem to have trouble doing it quickly enough. When AMC converted to, it took ages for me to get those shares. And that cost me money I could’ve sold when it was in double figures, but by the time I got it he had lost about 50% of its value so I want answers otherwise I’ll be taking my business elsewhere

APE was suspended on Friday not today (note, the US stock market isn’t open yet today). APE shares are not delisted from the NYSE until September 5th.

Sometimes it takes time for changes to reflect for retail investors due to various things in the background, this is sometimes the nature of retail investing. You should check if you actually have the conversion or not which may be buried in the reverse split that’s happening as well as I understand.

If you’re unsure, you should message support maybe. you should also consider reading up on the SEC filing for the companies you own as this will give you information on what’s happening with your shares.

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