William HIll

How do we still have simple stocks like William Hill not included. All the UK LSE stocks should be on freetrade.

It was on FT but looks to have disappeared. Maybe contact in app support to ask what happened to it

Edit: Look like the answers below


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How do we still have simple stocks like William Hill not included

How do we still have people who don’t know how to search before asking a basic question.

William Hill was previously available on FT. From a quick Google search, it looks like William Hill has been taken over by another company and it was approved today which probably explains why you can no longer buy William Hill stock.

The company that bought them is called Caesars and is under the ticker $CZR (also available on FT)


I do wonder how much research some people do before investing in a company :open_mouth:


In this case, the fact that the stock in question is William Hill speaks volumes :game_die: :game_die: