Withdrawing Money 'Wihdrawable Cash'

Hi all - Apologies upfront if this thread has been asked many times, I haven’t found anything on the forum that answers my queestions.

I cannot seem to withdraw money from Freetrade, it has nothing to do with selling stocks and waiting for them the fund to clear. I have funds in ‘Total Cash’, but ‘Withdrawable Cash’ isn’t highlighted and has £0.00 in it. I have funds in Total Cash (for investing) but I cannot withdraw this.

  1. How do I go about activating ‘Withdrawable Cash’?
  2. Do I have to sell stocks to do this (I have sold stocks before but I don’t believe the money displayed in withdrawable funds, might have that wrong though)?

I have emailed Freetrade (wait 3 days) and the Bots they use are pretty pointless.

Is there something I am missing here?

Hope you guys and gals can shed some light :pray:

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