2023 New Year's Resolutions/Goals

Here we go again…

I hit most of mine for last year, so, starting the same way, I’d like to aim for these.

Financial goals - Keep building the portfolio, and other savings, making my money work harder than it would in the bank.

Personal goals - I have a couple of craft projects I’ve started and want to see finished this year. 1 is a new to me dining table that I plan to upcycle, and the other is a large quilt with a bookshelf design. Both will be a lot of work. I also want to get out more and improve my photography. I have a nice DSLR camera and want to take better pics with it, instead of relying on the auto settings.

Anyone else?


I dont make any tbh, last few years life has thrown all sorts of crap at everyone so I never see the point. If you dont make goals then you cant get disappointed haha.

Although, a wish for this year would be for my stocks to get back into profit haha. A personal one would be for my company to get back into profit also

I’m guilty of tinkering with my portfolio too much, so my mantra for 2023 is “if in doubt – do nowt”.