🍾 New Years resolutions 🍾


With 2022 nearly hours away I though it might be fun to see if you have you set any New year resolutions. We could even cycle back and see how quickly we all failed in a few months!

Financial type stuff

Are you looking to change your investments strategy? More ETF’s / diversity more?

Are you planning to draw down your investments that special something?

Not money related

Who else is planning to loose a few Kgs? :green_salad:
Are you planning on reading more? :books:
Learning a new skill or hobby? :paintbrush:
Dusting off an old hobby that you’ve lost track of?


I want to wish everyone in this amazing community & everyone at team :freetrade: and very very Happy and prosperous 2022


I’ll start us off

I would like to give a little more to charity so will be putting some money each month into a pot, hit me up if you’re raising this year.

I need to loose about 10kgs and want to read 25 books this year. I’ll be trawling this thread for new ideas once I’ve worked through my back log.

Would anyone be up for a book club?

  • Yes
  • No
  • wot iz reeding

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I set goals, not resolutions, which in my mind are intended to be broken! :laughing:

My goals are similar to yours and will include:

  • Read min 25 books (15 to be library books, 4 to be non-fiction)
  • Donate £300 to charity (£290 donated in 2021)
  • Build emergency fund back up to 3 months’ expenses (it got depleted this year!)
  • Successfully grow and harvest vegetables I haven’t tried growing before (leeks and lambs lettuce springs to mind)

Great idea on the book club but I have a massive to-read list (and unread books on shelves and on my Kindle) so I need to plough through those first.

Good luck with your resolutions!


I’m going for a boring year really which may aid my later life.

A) Spend £416 on charity, Euromillions and set for life :rofl:
B) Put almost, 90%, every spare penny in ISA/SIPP/Crowdfunding
C) Put the 10% in individual charity
D) Finish year averaging 10k distance a day on Iphone health app, currently 7.5k
E) Be nice to people and not get dragged into the culture wars of left V right etc

None are new year resolutions and more a continuing of what I already am on way to.

  • Be more money cautious, do I really need it mentality before purchases
  • Spend less time on social media and embrace the outdoors more
  • Cut back on Sugar, and stop drinking Energy drinks.
  • lose 7 kg

  • exercise three times a week as a minimum

  • demi- sec January (Friday nights only and only in moderation)

  • learn the ukulele with my youngest daughter

  • less procrastination (that may be a Q2 goal)


My only goal is to work less (cut my working hours) and free up more hours for myself


One goal to max out my 2022 ISA allowance.


Move to new house
Welcome a new baby
Some house renovations
Focus on healthy eating


I’m hoping to double my investment over the next 12months in shares and double my premium bonds.
Get another BTL if can tweak my credit rating ever so slightly.
Donate to charity next Christmas whatever I can really.
Get back into excercise as it’s been too easy to find excuses not to do it.
Stop bloody doom scrolling on the news as it brings me down.


I need some of these.

First off I plan to stop ditching shares if it doesn’t do what I want it to do in 5 minutes.

Get back to reading, as I’ve not read anything this year that wasn’t in some way stock related.

Get back to gaming as I’ve not really played anything since covid due to overtime at work.

Cut back on overtime at work.

Be firmly in the green by 2023 and have no debt other than my mortgage.

Drink more alcohol.


This one I would never anymore do as it is simply losing money when inflation rises and the value of PBs don’t. I had some bought when I was born and they are now worth a fraction in relative terms. MUCH rather buy a safe stock than PBs.


Most people aim to drink less! :woozy_face:


Lol, yeah, but I really don’t drink much at all. So I plan to remedy that and unwind a bit more next year.


I usually set myself far too many so I’ll give the basics here…

Saving more - we are hoping to start a family and buy investment homes, so I want to plough as much as I can into these. I did all my emotional spending this week so I can start 2022 off right.

Embrace the outdoors again - I used to spend most of my time outside in all weathers. I’ve lost the ability to get up early since lockdown. I want to get strict with myself at getting up, taking an early cycle, walk, or run.

Start 4 Projects - I love noting ideas down and trying to make them happen. I have 3 I want to kick off in 2022 (build an enterprise web app, a series of Meetup events, learning sign language, and starting a very lowkey side hustle).

I’m hoping the saving and outdoors time will lead to the obvious more investment input and losing weight but I’m seeing these as happy side effects than the main purpose.

I should continue learning Czech so I can communicate with my future mother-in-law but I’ve been advised that not being able to communicate with one’s mother-in-law is preferred :joy:


Lose 10-15 kgs, 2021 has been exceedingly stressful.
Less stress.
More holidays.
Increase assets by more than 20% through savings, appreciaton, etc.


Some good ones there peeps :clap:t3::sunglasses:

Pour moi:

  1. MUST get back to UK for first time since 2018 to see my parents. Covid has been horrific for this and it has almost broken me :cry:
  2. Defo need to drink waaay less, well ok maybe just less will do :rofl:
  3. Continue to be more tolerant and accepting of other’s views, options and beliefs.
  4. Learn more about investing every single day.
  5. Welcome Juno back to the forum after a 2 month absence :thinking::rofl:

Everything else is a bonus.


Juno was on last week!


2 months absence, there is always one unrealistic goal :rofl:


He’s been back today and yesterday.