ZeroToFreedom- My Journey to Finanacial Freedom [self promotion]

Hello guys as some of you know I have started my blog about my path from living on £2 a day to the end goal- financial freedom. I am going to share with you updates about my portfolio and some tips and strategies I have learned along the way.
Here is my latest post I created today about the different strategies in the stock market Investing Strategies - Zero To Freedom
P.S. Any feedback about the font would be welcome. Changed it today, looks good to me but would be good to know how easy it is to read for different people.


The font has charm, so I can understand why you chose it, but I glazed right over it and didn’t have the will to actually read the article because of the font.


I did this too. Can’t put my finger on why precisely, perhaps spacing between letters?

Or just my brain was being lazy sorry

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I have been dabling between fonts all day and had the same concerns about this one. Really appreciate the feedback, changed the font to a more classic one, think it is very similar to the one used in this website.


Well done. Carry on with the blog


Keep up the good work!. I enjoy following FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) and dividend investors blogs. I’ve seen bloggers come and go. Sometimes personal reasons but most of the time it correlates with market downturn. The one that kept up with it grew their accounts massively through re-investing and compounding.

Dividend diplomat is good example Dividend Stock Portfolios - Dividend Diplomats


Which blogs are your favourite? (Other than Dividend Diplomats, which looks good as well!)


Most of them are on twitter as well. It would be good to see more UK bloggers too like zerotofreedom : - ). I put up one before but took it out due to compliance from work.


From the top of my head, I’ve come across these 2 F.I.R.E. blogs from the UK


Good morning guys, finished my new article yesterday. I share with you the way I research companies and specifically dividend companies.
For everyone that wants to have a read on How to Research Dividend Stocks


It is time for my portfolio review of March 2019.
To everyone that wants to have a look - My Portfolio March 2019 - Zero To Freedom
As always any feedback is appreciated and all questions welcome.


This is awesome Georgi!


With a patient strategy of 90%+ cash with a short-term target of 50%, is it idle cash or is it bearing interest?

I am sure that having such a large cash position seems weird. Only time will tell if I am being right or wrong.
Otherwise it is in a savings account bearing 1.5% interest. It’s not a lot, but better than nothing I suppose.

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Personally I think it’s always a good idea to have a balance & diversified portfolio of different asset classes. One way to think about your current portfolio is that you have an extremely concentrated position in GBP cash.

You are absolutely right, that is why I am trying to bring my cash position down to 50% in the near future.Usually I am not a big fan of keeping too much cash, just that is how I feel the most comfortable as of right now.

Created a little article about ETFs and the pros and cons. To anyone that would like to have a read - Complete Guide To ETF Investing For Beginners - Zero To Freedom
As always any questions and feedback are welcome

Just made a list with explanation to all the metrics, which some of you might find helpful. If I am missing something or there is something you want to have there explained please let me know as this is work in progress.

What about:

  • P/FCF

Good shout, they are now added to the page, if there is anything else you are missing just let me know