My investment journey so far. From zero to one 📈

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Whilst I am quite curious to see other people’s experience with Freetrade or other brokers, their portfolio allocations and general investing ideology, here is mine.

I started investing almost a year ago and am quite spoiled by the bull market we have all seen not so long ago. As it often happens, when you start investing (on the proviso that you do not pay extortionate fees), you can find yourself quite devoured and may just spill the money into few random securities and sell as soon as there is some minor but reasonable gain. Are you not one of those? Well, I am was :sweat_smile:. As far as I remember, I never held more than 3-5 stocks at a time, simply selling as soon as it was in the black and then finding something else to play with. Here is the list of all my early trades, for example:

Interestingly, Netflix was my very first sale and as I later elaborated in the Best and Worst Investments, I very much regret selling it back then.

This behaviour lasted odd three to four months until my first correction came into play. It was a nice shiny week in February - from the 1st to the 5th. After being about 5% up in the first three months, I was 15% below the original value. I knew it was going to come (have spent 1,000 hours on investing subreddits by then) I just did not know what it will feel like. Anyway, I was confident the markets will grow anyway as they always do so I did not panic. In fact, I have never sold any asset while it was in the red (aesthetic perfectionism is more important than rational thinking).

Since the February correction, I have lost the enthusiasm to check the portfolio performance on an hourly basis and decided to liquidate stocks that I was not confident to hold for years (on the proviso that they were in the black, of course). This is when I realised that long-term holding is more optimal and beneficial (considering time spent as well) than swing trading. Since then, a general picture like this has formed:

The pie chart is not the most informative but my pre-Freetrade portfolio was mostly technology oriented (if consider Amazon and Apple technology companies), with a bit of finance in a form of Mastercard and Visa, a few stocks I just like - Disney, Nvidia, etc and few others.

Later I have added few controversial stocks and they did not work out well as yet. And… Micron Technology is 45% down. Alibaba is 25% down. Facebook is 15% down. Micron currently has a PE ratio of 3 (!), Alibaba is not even affected by the US tariffs as much as the analysts perceive it is and Facebook is just a great company with a poor PR and media coverage. All of these I am currently considering to increase in proportion because I believe there is no way their current valuation is reasonable.

Anyway, since Freetrade was released, I started looking into the UK market. The only two interesting securities I found (yet) are S&P 500 index and MSCI World (not quite UKish though), which have greatly diversified my overall portfolio (used to be 100% stocks and now 40% ETFs [although both of them mostly have stocks in them]). The current picture looks more like this:

At the moment, I have stopped making any changes to my assets’ allocation and eagerly waiting for Freetrade to release the US stocks. Once it is done, I will be liquidating my current broker’s account and getting all to the UK to benefit from free investing and ISA once it is available. All I am hoping for is that the correction will stay before the US stocks are offered so that I could benefit from the dips in the US market :slight_smile:

(Chris) #4

What are you tracking in and using to make the charts?

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WeBull, I find it the best portfolio tracking tool so far. Purely because it takes your closed positions into account.

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Excellent, thank you. I’ll be giving that a good look.

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Nothing better than viewing a wee piechart, makes everything look more professional haha, excellent post :+1:

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Have not checked my portfolio for a few weeks and here is what I see for one of my favourites :fearful:

Now I am in the red overall (even considering closed black positions), fun times!

Seems like it is a good point for quadrupling my NVDA ownership. Whilst crypto craze has ended and Bitcoin is at its all time lows (all time = one year :sweat_smile:), chips are still necessary for AI advancement, big data and machine learning - this stuff is not going to develop on potatoes.

Crypto was a great cash infuse into the NVDA, no one doubted its short term growth effect. Some investors seem to be fearful of NVDA’s unusual parabolic surge but do not consider its easily-achievable potential to grow their top line in double digits almost perpetually, hence it is still a great long term company. It is a tech stock, it has a P/E of 19 (shocking, right?), pays dividend (albeit low) and it is an absolute leader in its oligopoly industry.