The Gen Z Investor Blog - With Lewis Harding

Hi everyone! Whilst on furlough I’ve decided to be productive and have developed a website for my new blog which focuses on all things investing related.:computer:
Here’s the link if you’re interested:

I’d love to hear your feedback on the website design as well as what topics you would like to see me write about. With quite a bit of time on my hands over the next few weeks I’m looking to get plenty of blog posts written so stay tuned. :muscle:t3:


curious to know how you got the ads displayed on your site?

if possible, maybe the layout could make the sections clearer? took me a while to find where is your blog section


Well done on the effort and good luck! But I feel like you have placed way too much ads all over the place and the blogs comes off as a bit spammy. My personal preference, but it feels a bit all over the place with those ads, the sharing buttons and that pop-up. Otherwise good job, the layout overall looks nice.

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Bizarre Lewis. 90% in cash after 3ys of a passion for investing. I don’t understand without more detail. Roughly 10% between gold and bitcoin two wildly different investments what’s the score…

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I’ve signed up to a few affiliate schemes and I’ve used the html code from each banner to insert it into the website.

Good point, hopefully once I have a few more blog posts the homepage will look clearer with recent posts. Or maybe even just change the Latest page to Blog.

Thanks for the input, much appreciated :+1:t3:

Thanks for the input Georgi, I really like your blog by the way so I’ll take your advice onboard. :slight_smile:

Essentially I’ve been experimenting with different ads and pop ups to Get people’s feedback. Family, friends, other forums and you guys have said the same thing. I’ll be refining it all over the next free weeks.

Saying that I’ve done it all within 1 week from being off work, I don’t think it’s too bad! Thank you.

Right so I thought someone would ask about this and rightly so… I’m going to do a full write up on my portfolio tomorrow with comments as to why I’m in 90% cash and my strategy going forward.

Essentially back in March my portfolio consisted of 5% gold, 5% bitcoin and the 90% in 8 Individual large cap companies. I decided to sell my holdings in my equities due to not being happy with my diversification and I managed to sell at a gain.

The plan going forward is to invest 50% in index funds split across S&P 500 20%, FTSE All World 20% & FTSE EM 10%. Individual equities 40% as well as the the bitcoin and gold holdings at 5% each.

In terms of my gold and bitcoin holdings it’s interesting that you ask because I’ve done a decent amount of research in both.

Regarding gold, I recommend that you read Ray Dalio’s The Big Debt Crisis as it gives great insight to gold as a currency crisis hedge. I’m also considering buying some physical silver and gold coins.

Bitcoin I will admit is more of a speculation rather than an investment. However after reading the Bitcoin white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto and The Bitcoin Standard by Saifdean Ammous I’m convinced that bitcoin has a role to play especially due to the Fed’s constant money printing.

I’ll do a longer write up on my blog tomorrow going a bit more in-depth


That’s a good reply. I will keep tuned, have you got any room for low portfolio % prospects into explosive growth stocks? I have found this forum a good source for this sort of low £ amount speculation

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would love to hear how you allocate to gold and bitcoin!

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Yeah I’m open to anything really as long as I fully understand it as well as the risks involved. I’d consider maybe 1-2% for those explosive growth stocks. Virgin Galactic has been on my radar for a while now if you would class them in the same category?

I don’t understand the appeal of Virgin Galactic personally. What is it nearly quarter of a million for a trip just outside our atmosphere to get a glimpse of the planet you already live on! A bit like those blokes who fly over your house and take photos to sell you. When it comes to nutjobs I’m more the Elon than Branson type I suppose…

Gold - Physical Gold ETC on Freetrade

Bitcoin - Currently on Coinbase however I’m looking into getting my own ledger so I physically own the keys.

^With both of these I recommend that you take a look at the books I mentioned in the post above

I definitely prefer Musk over Branson especially when Branson wants to fleece the UK taxpayer over Virgin Atlantic… Is there a thread on here for explosive growth stocks for me to take a look at do you know?

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If you don’t mind me asking how long did it take you to set up your blog?

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It only took me a week. Using Wordpress with a pre built template does the majority of the work for you and then you can just tweak it as you’d like. The time consuming part was working out how I wanted it to layout.

Thank you for the information, if you done mind me asking where did you find the template on wordpress and did you purchase your domain outright? I’m looking to do my own Financial Crime Blog, just really interested.

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Is the doubling up on EM exposure in the FTSE All World Index and then in the FTSE EM a conscious decision?

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I used the Astra template and as for for a domain website, go daddy or bluehost should fit your needs! This website has helped me out loads. :slight_smile:

Good luck to you if you decide to start a blog :+1:t3:

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Yeah my thinking is that by having FTSE EM in there I have a more focused part relating to emerging markets. Also a small reason is that I can indirectly own a larger share of Alibaba & Tencent in my ISA by doing this.

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But you already have all of those companies within the FTSE All World Index?