2X more UK stocks 🇬🇧

It did. That’s why I decided I’d wait for a dip.

More than that, it doesn’t have a PE ratio because it doesn’t pay a dividend and has never made a profit.

I’m staying well away!


How about a GBP hedged global bond such as iShares AGBP or Vanguard VAGP?


Scroll down there is a topic that could use your vote!

I’d be surprised if we hadn’t evaluated them before, but we will look again. :+1:


Hi folks, thanks for all the suggestions for new stocks and ETFs you’d like to see added.

I’m afraid there’s been a technical delay adding this week’s new stocks, and they’ll be added on Monday.


Here as this week’s new additions to kick off the week :dancing_women:

  • Yellow Cake Plc - a Jersey-based firm which purchases and stores uranium, providing exposure to nuclear energy markets.

  • Gan plc - This firm develops gaming software for online games and casinos. Keen gamers may have heard of the award-winning GameSTACK platform.

  • Pollen Street - This trust focuses on credit and specialist lending assets globally, with investments in the US, Europe and Australasia. It aims to provide steady dividend income.

  • UK Commercial Property - UKCM is a real estate investment trust (REIT) focused on UK-based commercial property such as shopping centres, warehouses, industrial estates and retail outlets.

  • Vertu Motors - :star: Community Request - Car dealership operator operating across the UK, now the sixth-largest in the country.


:unamused::pensive::tired_face:no ETF’s ?

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Really hoping you add Nichols plc soon :persevere::persevere: strong brand mosat, healthy dividend, clean balance sheet, no stamp duty, come on :sob:

Yeh, a little curious as to the lack of ETFs. Is there a reason these are being kept at bay? Are we going to see a big tranche as part of the new investment platform?

I think one of the reasons I haven’t moved my ISA across yet is because of the ETFs that aren’t available on freetrade yet… I don’t want to chop and change my holdings too much to fit into freetrade’s universe.


On the other hand, I’ve been more than happy with the ETFs on :freetrade: as all the ones I want to invest in are available. There are a few investment trusts I’m waiting on but in the meantime, I can invest in other companies.


Excellent article in Investors Chronicle this week on renewables. They list a number of companies and I wondered if they were on the Freetrade horizon? Companies mentioned were: Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy ( Sp:SGRE), Ørsted (Den:ORSTED) and Gresham House Energy Fund (GRID). Thanks!


We do really need an acceleration in our ETF offer and broader range of US stocks. Especially ahead of Robinhood.


And Octopus is IPOing on LSE in early December - have lots of Eu solar.

Would love Orsted but the Copenhagen exchange seems inaccessible to several platforms :frowning:

Remark: only the Octopus Renewables Infrastructure Trust plc (“ORIT”) is IPOing. Not the company itself.

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No new stocks added today ?

They’ll arrive on Monday due to our company offsite this week. Five new companies, we’ll be heavy on mining and oil & gas exploration. :oil_drum:


Are there new UK stocks added every Friday? What is the time line to get the whole of the FTSE100 / FTSE250 listed?

Since Coca-Cola HBC was added a few weeks ago it looks like the only FTSE 100 missing are the handful of companies requiring a nationality declaration (IAG, TUI, BAE, Rolls Royce etc.).

There’ll be another reshuffle soon, and it looks like EasyJet and Just Eat will be returning to the FTSE 100. The latter is already on Freetrade.

Oh ok. I’m more about the mid cap. So FTSE 250 :ok_hand:t3:

A new month, a new week and five new stocks to kick it all off.

Eland oil and gas :star: community request - oil and gas exploration in West Africa.

Versarien - this firm develops materials such as graphene for various industries.

Greatland Gold - gold mining in Australia.

Sound Energy - oil and gas exploration in Italy and Morocco.

Pan African Resources - mid-tier gold producer based in South Africa.