4 Decimal Places

Need 4 decimals places for some shares. These shares are

Actually this price


It’ll be a free-for-all if it drops below 0.5.

Not sure if there’s a dedicated Ideas thread for this suggestion, but we could put this there. Someone mentioned this the other day as well.

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I had a look and you’re right, it’s been mentioned before. The contract notes discussion before the app launched in 2018 was interesting Contract Notes 📜. Turns out I also created a thread back in the day [Feature Request 🔧] Decimal places in the app for accuracy.

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Haha, you forgot your own post. Voted for it, it makes sense. Freetrade have to think about simplicity for people new to investing as well, depends how much they want to dumb it down.

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Agreed, anything in GBX really needs more detail than to the nearest penny. Especially when you combine it with the graphs not always being correct, it’s hard to monitor how well your purchases are doing.


Haha, dude it took me a considerable amount of time to work out that GBX is not the same as GBP, that’s why the share prices are all 100 x out on google

We need a merge of threads and vote for a change in app to show 4dp…

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I mentioned this the other day in the updates section. Here is hoping it comes with the update.

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18 month later and still at 2 decimals. Any update on the development of this @freetrade ? Are you guys taking the spread as commission? Someone mentioned simplicity but Binance Lite is for Crypto newbies and they are at 6 decimal places…

Hi @marinid welcome to the community :wave:t2:

Freetrade DO NOT take any spread commission. They succeed when investors succeed, they want to earn your monthly subscription by being on your side - this has been the vision from the founders from the start.

I don’t know if I understand your concern with the decimal places, I screen grabbed this from the app

There is no need to use 4 decimal places on stock that trade above penny stock realm as it makes the app look untidy.


And doesn’t the contract note have 6 decimal places when you actually buy something?

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UK stocks do

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Yes but that is the % of share that is rounded to 6 decimals :+1: The cash is to the cent.

@NeilB Thanks!..for the warm welcome and the info.

4 decimal places may be in the Plus account - I’ve not upgraded just yet and only seen 2, even on penny stocks. From what I read below, it is different on the contract note. Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

@NeilB, the hero we need but not the one we deserve.