[Feature Request 🔧] Decimal places in the app for accuracy

I tried to verify the values earlier and realised we need consistent decimals places throughout the app, and we need the same decimals places as Freetrade use for accuracy.

Thanks Saf! Where are you seeing the inconsistencies at the moment?

Hey @Freetrade_Team1 I sent a message on Intercom earlier for next week. There’s a second part that I’ll send over at some point, not near my computer until tomorrow now…

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I’ve seen to 4 decimal places on the contact note price per share, everything else seems to be to 2 d.p. including the total cost on that note.

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Bumping this one up because I’ve seen another comment on this for penny shares today and have mentioned this myself in a few posts last year.

Essentially I would think having shares priced to 4 dp after the pound would be great. Potentially with the 2dp after the pence being of a small font size but at least would avoid confusion for instance with SXX shares where the other day the price was 5.5p but was showing as 0.06 in the app.


Bumping again due to stocks being removed as they need 4 decimal places. Surely the fix is showing these extra places rather than removing stocks, especially popular ones.


Oh look, it’s only been on the list for one and a half years. :stuck_out_tongue:


It was supposed to be in the original version of the app but then ‘something’ happened and it never was. Don’t know what that ‘something’ was though.



That is what they are going to release at 200,000 users… very cool!


new, improver order flow




This is the most important thing for me currently, so happy to see it coming!

(Now bring on limit orders… :wink: )


What! That is absolutely fantastic news. I would have missed that notification completely :joy:

Thanks for sharing @userfy_123

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Yay, 4 decimal places have arrived for penny stocks!

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Was soo pleased too. Thanks freetrade :joy:

Now I can trade my Tesla stock with pinpoint accuracy…

If I had any :shushing_face:

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Has anybody seen the improved order flow??


See in reverse order (i.e. scroll up from this reply).

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So does it confirm the price before you buy and stick to it?