More Decimals in the app please

Is it possible we can have more decimals added to the stock quotes please? Decimal price fluctuation has a big impact especially on lower priced stocks


This has been requested multiple times, but what what I can remember, the reason given is that goes against freetrades ‘brand’ of having a nice looking app.

Limit orders should help this, assuming you’re trying to buy/sell only at a certain level

I’d like to be able to see a few more decimal places on prices

If we can have loads of decimals on fractional shares then makes sense we can see the same detail on price

Would be especially helpful on cheaper shares (GGP :joy:)


Hopefully the Freetrade team will see how important this is, ensuring you have the most accurate information to make a buy or sell decision is crucial :pray:t2:

agreed, I asked for this on a recent survey. Interestingly, when you look in the activity section for your trade, you get the trade to 4 decimal places, you just dont on the quote.

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I forgot to add that as a question on next week’s ama. Vote it up :wink:

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