Freetrade app rounding everything to nearest GBP

In the last month, the Freetrade app has been rounding share prices to the nearest GBP when checking the share price history. This does not happen when executing a trade. For example, BP currently trades at approx 3.18GBP, yet when looking at the history for the past month it simply shows displays the share price as 3GBP for the whole period.

Freetrade has told me that there’s something wrong with my phone, but I don’t believe so. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still no success. Anyone else having this problem or just me?

Looks fine on my phone. Nice climb from a month ago.

Are you using Android or Iphone?

Try another device to check its the device not your account. I don’t get how your phone settings would even affect prices unless it’s white text on white background etc.

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Looks fine on my Android phone, are you Android or Ios?

I’m using Android. This is very strange. Never had this problem up until a month ago.

Have you tried to clear the cache/storage you may have to log back into the app once done.

On the phone (not app) go to setting → apps → Freetrade → storage and clear cache and storage not sure if it will solve the issue but worth a go!

Done all that, didn’t make a difference. Anyway Freetrade has finally admitted that some changes were made in the app recently that is the cause of this problem.

It’s funny how this issue has pretty much been ignored for over a month until I posted in this forum.


Hey @denryoku - thanks for raising this!

You’re correct, as part of our work to expand into Europe we’ve been making some changes to how currencies work in-app to support currencies other than GBP. As part of this, we removed a line of code which overrode the user’s device locale with a UK locale - which uses 2DP for currency as standard.

When combined with a locale that uses 0DP for currency (e.g. Japanese Yen) this was then displaying currencies rounded to 0DP by default. I’ve pushed a fix for this into the latest build for Android which should be with you in the next release, pending our usual release testing.


Hi Simon,

I appreciate your reply and that you are dealing with this issue. In addition to Freetrade, I use a certain well known rival app. I hope that one day Freetrade can provide more technical functions and perhaps the ability to access the platform from a desktop computer. Thank you.

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