999GBP top-up limit on ISA via bank transfer?

Hey all,
Just created an ISA on FT in order to make use of the 20,000GBP allowance before the end of the tax year in a few days.
While the app specifies that Apple Pay top-up comes with limits, it seems bank transfer doesn’t.
Unfortunately, it seems I cannot enter any amount higher than 999GBP in the bank transfer top-up prompt (if I do, the ‘Continue’ button is greyed out).

What is this limit? Does that mean I have to proceed to 21 top-ups to get to the allowance?
Is there any other way to transfer more than 1000GBP at once?

I’ve had no issues topping up over that amount via bank transfer into an isa. It sounds like it could be a bug, maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

On second thought, have you hit your ISA limit?

I can try to uninstall/reinstall, yes!
It’s my first ISA ever so I’m definitely below the limit.

I know that banks can have some limits for TrueLayer transfers, but I’m at HSBC and it seems their limit is 25K/day: https://truelayer.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016130173--UK-Providers-What-are-the-minimum-and-maximum-payment-amounts-possible-

Hmm :thinking:

Might be best to drop an email to support at money@freetrade.io

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It gets weirder and weirder: I reinstalled the app on my iPhone, it still blocks higher than 1000GBP top-ups… but I also installed the app on another iPhone, and on this one it allows for any amount!

I’ll definitely drop an email to the support to understand what could be at play that makes the two phones different

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Is the iphone it works on a registered number? That may have a bearing on transactions.

Very odd, glad to hear you can top up your desired amount.

Make sure to add a note of which phone and OS model both phones are on, it’ll make it easier for support to figure out the issue

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What do you mean by registered number?

You usually have a registered phone number with your bank etc. If that number is used rather than a new one it could be a difference. Not sure how but security checks would be simpler I would have thought through a registered number linked to an account.

Ah I see, but unfortunately it’s rather the other way around, the first phone is the phone I usually use for my personal banking, and the other is a work phone I usually don’t use for those matters.

Hi Tom,
This is a known bug which has popped up recently. Many other users are reporting this
Freetrade are aware


Hey, happy to learn that this is a known issue!