A few ideas: fingerprint, graphs, color mode

Hi guys,
Love the app but there is a few things I’d like to suggest.

  • enable fingerprint login
  • let users choose dark/light mode in the app settings.
  • Graphs should show the stock price not only percentage change in an unknown timeframe.

I’d love to see you implement these ideas.



…but we already have Fingerprint login on Freetrade App…
(unless i’m missing something? :thinking:)

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Touch the graph and it shows you the price at that point.

Doesn’t work on my phone I’m afraid. I have Huawei P30 Pro.

I’d rather see stock value on the axis instead of % change

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i had a Huweai P phone - fingerprinting wouldn’t work ont he HSBC banking App, Hargreaves Lansdown and QuickBooks apps.
hmmmmmm… Companies blocking Huwei usage as the companies known to spy on user data perhaps?