A few ideas

  • When we want to buy/sell shares traded in London, it would be great if we could see more decimal places for the price (e.g., £1.3755 instead of £1.38) - as shares are listed in pence on the LSE - and would therefore provide an additional layer of information which is available at most other brokers.

  • On the portfolio page, seeing a cumulative/overall return rate (£ and %) next to total asset value.

  • Ability to filter the “Activity” section for “Transactions”, “Top-Up”, “Withdrawal”, etc.

  • Also, having the ability to export transaction (and/or activity to make it simpler) to a spreadsheet software like Excel would be very useful.

  • As I mentioned in another topic, in “Discover” being able to filter by market (e.g., NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE), by sector (ETF, telcos, pharma, etc.), by market cap (large cap, small cap, etc.), by volume, etc.

  • Being able to see the biggest movers (gainers/losers) across all markets covered within the app

  • Will AIM-listed shares be added at some point?

  • Will the ability to buy/sell options be added at some point?