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Does Freetrade consider instant purchase/sale as a complete transaction? Hence, would it have something like a :grey_question: instead of :white_check_mark: while the transaction is pending (T+2)?

Or is it only going to be the case of absent :white_check_mark: when you, for instance, do not have enough funds to cover the transaction or for any other related reason meaning it was subsequently rejected (and it could have :no_entry_sign: sign)?

@Freetrade_Team1, what do the Up and Down arrows on the second screenshot mean? Price change since purchasing?

In Alex’s second screenshot, he sold Sky for £13.56. I assume black font is used for all buy/sell transactions (whilst green is for top-ups and orange for withdrawals based on Alex’s screenshot).

After the actual Sale price, could there be profit/loss in brackets? For example, if he bought it at £10, it would be “£13.56 (£3.56)”; figure in bracket could be green so we know he made a profit.

If he bought at £15, it could be like “£13.56 (£-1.44)”; figure in bracket could be red so we know he is not the greatest stock picker (not sure if “-” sign is necessary if the figure is colour-coded).

Could be not the ideal solutions but maybe some raw idea on how to present user’s profits and losses.


I voted yes for this as it’d be interesting, but I’d much rather see the focus from free trade being on tools to encourage long term investing. Far too many tools for retail investors seem to inherit from tools for professional investors a focus on things like daily gain loss, daily/weekly/monthly charts, and short term gain and loss on a single stock since last purchase, rather than long term growth and balance of the portfolio overall over decades (which is after all the aim).

My only worry with little features like this is that each one pushes people into thinking of investing as a stock-picking game that you win by buying on Monday and selling on Wed when your stock is green and you’ve made £5 by chance - the mere existence of an activity stream implies and encourages frequent activity. Most people just don’t have the time or energy or the emotional fortitude to make money that way, though it can be fun, and will instead end up buying and selling far too often.

From your tabs at the bottom of this screen here, activity is fun but not very useful to me, account seems to be banking functions (which I wouldn’t really touch after setup and expect to tie to specific accounts anyway), discover I guess could be interesting depending on what it does eventually (perhaps let you browse by sector, set up filters, do research etc), portfolio is where my interest would lie, and I’d hope it contained all accounts (say ISA and SIPP eventually) - that’s what I’d like to see Freetrade focus on and really get right in the long term (over the next few years) with tools for projections and investing as opposed to trading.

Sounds like you have lots of plans for that though, so looking forward to seeing it all come together. Clearly you will launch with what you have and it’s great to see that deadline finally approaching, however when you come to add ISAs and eventually SIPPs, I hope the focus can shift a little to the long term value/balance of the portfolio, not individual trades winning or losing or short time frames of days, weeks or even months which, while it is fun, is a distraction from investing and compounding income over the long term.


Yes - if the trade took place it is a complete transaction (and indeed reported publicly by the LSE). The T+2 window is the timeframe in which :freetrade: and our counterparty need to settle, but this shouldn’t be of concern to the user. Not having enough funds available at a client account level is covered off by the calculations made within the app pre-trade, preventing us from having a shortfall when it comes to final settlement. In general I’d say it’s preferred that a trade fails or is rejected by us than placing a commitment in the market and having to fill funding gaps post-trade in order to settle.

The activity feed shows isolated actions / transactions / events and shouldn’t seek to ‘combine’ them with anything like a P&L. This is what the Portfolio is for.

Glancing over @kenny’s answer I echo much of that, particularly the point that showing losses in red and gains in green prominently would likely help contribute to the human emotions that must be suppressed as much as possible in order to succeed at investing.


That’s a really important point, that’s our objective too :grinning:

Activity is essentially a timeline of the..activity in your account, it’s there as a reference point at the moment to make it easy to see what’s gone on in the past.

That’s the plan at the moment :muscle:

The good news is the primary tab in the app, the portfolio tab is focused on this already - it’s primarily tracking the performance of your portfolio, rather than individual stocks. James has explained more about that here.

You’ve mentioned some other really good points in that post but I’ll let James answer those.


Good points. I would have thought the Portfolio would trigger the emotional response to sell. While the Acitvity Feed would show that it’s been sold, so a indicator of if it sold +/- would provide a quick snapshot. Which would be useful for Basic Trade sell action and knowing what happened.


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It looks great - nice and simple.
I think the most important thing is to get the ball rolling and start adding people to the platform.
It looks like you appreciate feedback and im sure thats how you are going to get the best feedback - by people trying the platform.
The little things here and there will be fixed with time and future upgrades thats inevitable.
Nothing in the world is perfect and you just need to get it out there.


This looks really clean and sleek, I like it. I’d like a search function as the others have suggested too- or maybe an option to filter/ arrange transactions on a different page for easier viewing. Not sure how the other tabs look like at the moment but I think I wouldn’t be buying and selling so often that my main feed should prioritise transactions. Does the app open onto the portfolio view then?


Yes it does. This feed view is just there for your reference, tucked away in a separate tab :slight_smile:


I think Yes a sell at a loss or gain signal would be uaefull because it would save me a lot of time writing down the price at what i bought everythig for and tring to find out if it was a loss or gain, and defo if there is a drip feed, i dont know if you will be using a drip feed feature or not tho