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(Alex Sherwood) #1

Here’s a quick preview of the app’s activity feed from this tweet, just let us know if you have any questions :shopping_cart:

& a bonus for our lovely community - there’s a couple of different types of items in the below screenshot that we’re also planning to include in the feed, although they might not be in this part of the app when we launch.

The :white_check_mark: icon in the first screenshot :point_up: is the newer design that we went for in the end.

(Emma) #2

The green tick thing on the bottom of each logo means …?

(Vladislav Kozub) #3

Why is the Vodafone logo replaced with a percentage sign? Little bug or intentional?

(James Storer) #4

Afternoon folks. :wave:

@Rat_au_van the little green tick is just to show that it’s a completed transaction, as we’ll also show rejected and cancelled orders in the activity. So hopefully it’s easier at a glance to see what’s complete.

@Vlad just a little bug :bug:. The % icon is the logo loading state, so I think it just didn’t load properly here, or Vodafone have made a branding improvement :joy:

(Emma) #5

Is there going to be a way of filtering so you can see the buy and sell transactions separately? It’s ok with a few transactions but as they they increase it’ll be harder to differentiate on that feed

(Denislav) #6

Thank you! :grinning: Clean, easy to understand and kind to the eyes. :ok_hand: :freetrade:


What’s the default screen on opening the app? I’m assuming Portfolio as it’s the far left item on the menu bar?

(Alex Sherwood) #8

Yes it is :slight_smile:

(Mike) #9

Personally feel that there is too much white space at the top. How does everyone else feel?

Would we be able to search within the activity feed?

(Emma) #10

I like it, clean and minimalist


I agree on the white space but also think it’s clean too.

Search functions, night mode and transaction filtering would be great


Looks good a few small observations

  • Why have August 2018 and then 01 Aug, 2018? Isn’t the 0 in 01 and the Aug redundant?
  • Wouldn’t it help to signal if you sold at a loss? Perhaps red text?

(James Storer) #13

No initially, but yes this is definitely required in my mind. Might be that we add a unified search first.

(James Storer) #14

Interesting points @saf. I think if you just saw 10 shares • 24, it would be confusing as there’s no context as to what the 24 is in reference too. It’s also an existing child pattern for this type of list item. I do agree that showing the year might be a bit overkill though. :joy:

I think having a signal for whether you sold at a gain/loss could be really helpful, would need to be carefully thought about though as red text (for a loss) would possibly conflict with cancelled or rejected orders. Worth thinking about though, would anyone else find this useful?

(Alex Sherwood) #15

Poll time :tada: please do explain your choice in the comments too.

  • Yes I’d find this useful
  • No I wouldn’t find this useful

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(Emma) #16

As a search parameter yes but not on the main feed


Fair points, only way around would be to use ordinals ( st, nd, rd, nth ) but so minor not worth deliberating over, especially if you have a uniform style for these lists :grinning:

(James Storer) #18

Uniform is important, just ask these guys… :man_farmer: :construction_worker_man: :man_firefighter: :policeman: :guardsman:



@JamesStorer is there a night mode currently, or will there eventually be one?


Sorry on a long train journey so I have time :face_with_monocle:

Just noticed it says “BUY” and “SELL” and you mentioned “cancelled” and “rejected”, shouldn’t they all be verbs or on the other hand all past tense?

And doesn’t “rejected” turn into “reject”? :sweat_smile: