Adding P&L for individual orders

At the moment we’re not able to track under “recent activity” the individual unrealised gain/loss or buy orders as it gets summarised as average price per share.

Id be useful to understand if I have lets say 4 separate orders for tesla the individual pl for each of those four rather than having to go into each order one by one or keep a separate excel file.

HL, AJ, Vanguard they all have this basic reporting functionality built in and I think It’d benefit us all.

Yes! I would love this to understand my own good and bad decisions/timing.

Would that goal be better achieved by marking your transactions as dots on your chart of the stock value, so that you can look back and see when you bought or sold?

I have to admit I don’t really understand the benefit of listing the gain or loss since each individual transaction, and anyway, you can already look back through your transaction history if you want to know that information. (Not easily enough, though, and I do hope Freetrade improves reporting in time for our next tax returns, as discussed in Account Statements & Data Exporting - What formats would you want to see?) I think that when the idea of calculating gain/loss per transaction was previously suggested by someone a while ago, the person making the suggestion had the idea that they could do things like ‘sell the share that I bought in January, rather than the one I bought in March’, which is impossible (and unnecessary).

But being able to glance at your chart and see the points where you ‘pulled the trigger’ makes some sense for people who have small numbers of transactions. It wouldn’t be as useful to people who are buying and selling every week!

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