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Good news!


I sold afc energy as it going down quickly i got off relatively lightly loss few hundred its down now 60% which is a bad loss if you invested a lot in this conpany

Its down 60% now afc so i think company must be in trouble

Doesn’t make good viewing

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This stock is a disaster. I lost on this one fell of cliff

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Not a good day at all

True but it’s just one day. If you look at it over the long term…

…ah. ITM has also taken hammering. I do think that hydrogen has a bright future but any company in a breakthrough sector is going to struggle in the UK due to politics - not only the B word in 2016 but also decades of industrial mismanagement and lack of strategy.

I’ll never forget how many people and local were wiped out when Sirius Minerals collapsed and the government allowed an American firm to swoop in. I try and keep that in mind when investing in UK startups. It’s why I only put £100 into Cornish Lithium’s crowdfunding efforts.