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Google recognise AI as a risk.

But I do think they’re in a strong position. If Google starts delivering AI answers on their results page, why would users go elsewhere?

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Ultimately, competition is good for the consumer!

Often big businesses are too slow to transition and they get beaten by smaller, more agile companies, although OpenAI is backed by Microsoft, it looks like. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

I’ve said before, it’s always difficult to predict what will replace the current state of the art, I certainly couldn’t have predicted what would be the next “Google Search”, but this could be it and it’s interesting to see it happening in real time.

The racing dynamic is very scary from an Alignment perspective, did not expect that so soon.

I think it’ll be while before we see a LLM integrated into Search the inference cost is still too high. Maybe when they have TPU v5/6 or some other big cost reduction. Good commentary here:

I wonder if Gmail (rather than search) might be the first place we see a LLM used - it seems a better fit.

Google invests $300m in Anthropic, but basically in the form of cloud compute vouchers for them to spend at GCP.

Certainly a sign of the times when even v. big well-capitalised AI companies are becoming reliant on big tech to fund the next round of training.


Brad vs. ChadGPT

We are watching a battle of giants here. Super exciting times.

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Disappointing it gave the wrong information back in the demo though. Which looks to have had a negative impact on the share price.

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That mail was v good, Dylan actually just put out a follow up to that today:

I think the lightweight model they are alluding to is probably something like LaMDA following Chinchilla scaling which probably a ~50% reduction in parameters vs GPT3 so probably quite a significant inference cost.


Big fan as an investment.

Of the big 4, I see Google having more room to grow and more irons in the fire (of the future of technology).

Amazon is next, Microsoft and Apple less so, as things stand.

Thats how this novice sees it anyways :rofl:

Not advice, DYOR.

Seems very bullish at the moment.

I had about 50% of my modest holdings in Google. I have sold about a third of it today for other ventures to reduce my risk and lock in some profits. Made about 20% gain in 2 months.

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Consensus seems be building that Google has woken up and is actively deploying that huge cash stack on compute.

Dylan has been making comments about the number of TPUv5s being made for a while and emphasised it with this piece today (which unfortunately is mostly paywalled)

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