AMA with the Acquired podcast 🎙️

We’re very excited to be hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) next week with Ben and David from the Acquired podcast! :studio_microphone:

Acquired is a top-rated tech podcast with over one million downloads. We’re big fans.

Each episode of the show goes behind the scenes of the biggest tech IPOs and acquisitions of all time – companies such as Netflix, Spotify, Tencent, Uber, Tesla, Slack and SoftBank.

David and Ben, special guests on the Freetrade community soon

Much like our very own Weekend Read, Acquired takes a look at the stories behind the companies and uncovers some gems you probably won’t find anywhere else.

Did you know that, when he was aged 15 back in the 80’s the founder of SoftBank, Masayoshi Son, insisted on meeting the Japanese McDonalds CEO, who in turn told him to study English and computers?

Or that Rahul Vohra, CEO of Superhuman, once spent four days on a single Medium post – but that it eventually led to around 5,000 sign-ups?

Many of the Freetrade team and the community are huge fans of Acquired, and we can’t wait to hear their thoughts on growth, technology and the markets, as well as IPOs and what bear and bull cases they foresee for various companies, many of them listed on your Freetrade app.

Please share your questions below ahead of Ben and David answering them on the Thursday 8th August, at 18:30 UK time!


Which company would you love to see IPO, and why?

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Very exciting! Love the Acquired podcast :smiley:

My question: From all the IPOs and acquisitions you covered, what was the most surprising or interesting fact you learned?


What are your thoughts on the Just Eat and merger?


Which CEO surprises you the most and why?

(Ps. Elon Musk isn’t allowed)


Who do you think would be the best buyer for the 50% of Universal Music Group, Vivendi is trying to offload?


With the potential valuation, somebody with deep pockets! One of the FAANGs maybe?

Makes sense for their business, but i guess it would be blocked by regulators

Maybe, but less than with one of the other music majors. Private equity or Tencent possibly?


What was the most difficult company to research?

What big tech acquisitions do you think will happen in the next few years?

Can you ever see these big tech companies failing? Or are they just now in the position to buy up any competition or threat to their position in their market with such large stock piles of cash.


Which, or what, company would you like to see IPO?

From my point of view, ‘Mars, Incorporated’, obviously not tech tho.

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If you had to invest everything into one tech company, which one would you choose?


I think podcasts will grow rapidly in the EU as well. Similar to US. 2 questions.

  1. How can I invest in companies that benefit from this trend?
  2. Any tips for starting my own investing related podcast?

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Just started listening to your podcasts after finding you from this thread, enjoying them so far - thanks!

Listened to the Venmo episode, wondered what your thoughts are on Monzo entering the US market? (in case you don’t know they’re a super fast growing ‘challenger’ bank here in the UK).


Some of the tech companies such as Uber and Tesla is operating at a lost. What do you think are the important factors that determine whether investment in lossmaking companies are worth it? Is there a condition that make this investment a no-no?


Where do you think open banking/PSD2 would take Europe to in 5 years?

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I enjoyed the Pinterest episode. Do you feel your bull case predictions are coming through for the company? Their performance has been great recently.

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These questions are taken from this FT article on retirement

First question

You have all the money you need. How would you live your life?

Second question

You’ve just found out you have five to 10 years to live. How will you change your life?

Third question

You’ve just found out you have 24 hours to live. What are your regrets?

Which part of the tech industry are you most excited about for the future?