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Haha, I have heard these things a million times :joy: Amazon say they expect X standard but pay well for it. The funny thing is that it is an old British principle of putting in a decent shift and get paid well. I ran factories with production lines so the work was constant or stopped line so it was demanding. Brits generally wouldn’t even apply unless in leadership roles.

If Amazon was so bad why are people leaving other sectors to work there? People want to be careful as the more they don’t want to put in a shift the more it pushes automation.

@SebReitz I challenge the treated like shit idea as I know nobody who every got treated badly. Problem is most want to chat and not work a lot and have extended break times. I hate admitting it but there is a large British contingent who don’t want to do a fair days work. :sleepy:

Expecting people to work is not inhuman, we have laws in this country that are there to stop bad things happening.

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Are all Amazon workers employed by Amazon and getting the same conditions or are some/all/most/none of them employed by agencies on terrible wages?

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I understand that warehouse workers do not get any share benefits in UK only in US?

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I can only say it isn’t ALL agency but you are right agency workers can be treated poor in all areas/industries and this is something that needs changing. I don’t blame Amazon or any other company for this issue as this is a government controlled space that could be managed but no party seems to want to go big on fixing.

Same with tax rules should/could limit how much you can write of by re-investing to gain market share and wipe out the little man. Again people blame the Amazons of the world but regulations allow it so who can blame them?

Amazon workers used to get shares not sure now, I sold mine when I left for about $800 each, makes me cry when i look at the price now. The Amazon near me insists agency workers are paid the same as fulltime workers, currently offering a £1000 signing on bonus for all which is pretty good if you are just looking for a few months work up until Xmas.

Moving into the high street… well shopping centre

More threats to break up the big boys.

Once a company reaches Amazon’s side and it starts investing across the board in everything from taking on logistics to home security to streaming and doing so worldwide under dozens of jurisdictions, how do you split that up without it being just a token gesture?

The money will be moved around the “divisions” anyways using hundreds of different routes, so why bother? I feel this kind of conversation is hot air.

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They have business that could fairly easily be unwound and listed a separate companies. Jeff will still own the same % as he does of it within the Amazon but with them all having new boards they can go after revenue that might have been off limits before.
Twitch could start streaming video and go after Prime video.
Amazon could negotiate a better server fee from AWS.
Alexa could support other retailers.

The argument from an investors side is they’re often worth more a separate business so Jeff & shareholders would likely be better off.


I often think this and then wonder, would it not be great to get shares in all the splits if they did then perform as you mentioned above?

I may be wrong in how it would work but assume the shares split would equal the divide so you would end up with a few new shares of lower value but potential to gain more in value. :thinking:

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If Amazon were to be forced to spin out AWS for an example then $AWS would be floated separately with 100% of the ownership matching Amazon. Unless -

  • They choose to issue more shares to raise capital

  • You exchange stock in Amazon for AWS at a greater rate than you hold if they offer it and you like the spin off more than the parent.

I really don’t see this happening, if they blocked the big tech aquisition hoover then we might seem more competition as the old guard become bloated and a bit slow.

I see your point :+1: My main feeling is that talk of a split won’t really be a bad thing for share prices, well value of the total stock we own. Of course I could be totally wrong :rofl:

The best examples of this are Standard Oil & AT&T. There are plenty of business units that are trading at a conglomerate discount. Instead of having Facebook, Alphabet & Amazon (I’ll leave apple for now because they’re much harder to unpack) you could have

Google Web services
Docs / Gmail / Duo combo
Nest smart home with Google Home
Prime Video (inc MGM)
Alexa / Ring / Blink smart home tech
Whole Foods
Pill Pack / Tele Health
Robotics & Logostics

Amazon missed earnings and have drop 4% in pre market. First earnings since the new CEO took over.

tbf, there is nothing ‘predictive’ about this chart. Ok so it fell. So?

Amazon is one stock that should not be looked on a day by day basis. One has to understand the underlining philosophy and culture - read Bezos intro in the first ever annual report. It has been published in every single annual report since. Long and short of it: Amazon is a long term and vision company. It is happy to make a ‘loss’ for customer service and value. Now I can’t think of another company that thinks like that. It’s rev figures are ‘crazy high’.

So I would love to know who [as in big funds] really sold and why. And maybe nobody really did: 4% change is nada. Company fell $300 in July 2021 then went on to fall another $ 100 over 3 weeks before rising $300. It has this level of volatility since at least July 2020.

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The chart itself offers no predictive element because it’s a 24hr chart and was only to demonstrate the pre market beating.

Missing earnings when you’re trading at a P/E of over 100 probably is however. Elements of their business will continue to print money but the headwinds are the strongest since pre pandemic. Shipping, inflation, staffing costs / availability & a new man at the helm.

Just trying to get a feel for this Andy Jassy guy. Watching the first video that came up for him on YouTube, I noticed he has the same cadence as Bezos when he talks, kinda weird. Maybe just me that thinks that?

What does ‘missing earnings’ mean here really? The number show a minuscule change … and it’s what analysts expected rather than Amazon .

The next quarter’s numbers guidance are lower than what analysts were expecting. To me the question is not what analysts expect but what management does relative to its own guidance. Analysts did not take into account that Amazon would increase its costs. Looking at Amazon, in particular, just another company IMO is a mistake (at least for now). And Andy has been up there for a along time leading AWS since its inception i.e.18 years.

That’s why I am interested in what funds actually sold and why. Scanning a few big ones … there is no evidence they sold anything. So who sold :face_with_monocle: Hedge funds or derivatives speculators? Maybe nobody serious - as far as I can see the company has has this level of volatility at least July 2020.

Just got the Honey email and the title was “UKs biggest fund buys Amazon” I thought that was the biggest finance story of the year for a split second. :rofl: