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Interesting editorial about Amazon on the BBC:

Yes, Amazon opened convenience store-sized checkoutless stores over the last couple of years. Last week the first grocery-store sized checkoutless store (~10k sq ft, 5k product lines). All of those under the Go brand. A couple of weeks before that, they opened a larger grocery store that had checkouts and stocks a wider range than their WholeFoods brand.

The wider picture is that Amazon is very willing to keep experimenting with sizes, formats, tech, location, everything - it wants to win at grocery because it is such a big segment of consumer spend.

They must be getting a lot of synergy from all these different data sources. For example they can see that a guy who buys protein powder at their supermarket should be marketed gym equipment when he’s shopping on Amazon. What other companies have will data sets this broad?

They’re looking at getting into healthcare as well now and they already have Alexa listening devices in people’s homes. :smile:

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Amazon offering Just Walk Out tech to high street retailers.

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This tech will make physical retailers grow dependent on the vendor (AMZN) while the seller of the tech will learn everything about the behaviour of the visitors. It’s a win-win for AMZN.

(From TechCrunch)

What was wrong with normal supermarkets :man_shrugging:t3:

I’m all for tech etc but this is just too far. Another step closer to a cashless society.

What is wrong with cashless society?

Just another way for the elites to control the masses.

Just need to look at China and social scoring, this would make it the ultimate nanny state going forward imo.

Amazon warned it’s experiencing Prime delivery days and running out of stock of popular household items amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The issues are a result of a “dramatic increase in the rate that people are shopping online,” Amazon said in a blog post that was updated on Saturday. Some popular brands and items in the “household staples” categories were out of stock, while Amazon said some of its “delivery promises are longer than usual.”

“In the short term this is having an impact on how we serve our customers,” Amazon said in the blog post. “We are working around the clock with our selling partners to ensure availability on all of our products, and bring on additional capacity to deliver all of your orders.”

Amazon added a notice to the top of its marketplace this weekend that reads: “Inventory and delivery may be temporarily unavailable due to increased demand. Confirm availability at checkout.”

100,000 US jobs to deal with coronavirus demand


amazon fire potential whistleblower

Shareholder letter :mailbox_with_mail:


Amazon have cut their affiliate program from 8% commission all the way down to 1-3%.

If there are plans to up this when the recovery comes, then fine. Though you can imagine how many digital nomads are going to resent Amazon pretty hard and go elsewhere. Millennials hold lifelong grudges.

Amazon most probably have a re-growth plan or something new for the digital nomad community so it is likely only a temporary pain.

I can’t wait for fractional shares.

Make it easier to ride the rally!



As far as I can tell, the Nasdaq 100 was the best performing index in Q1 2020.

Out of the 100 companies in the Nasdaq 100, 14 were up in Q1. Netflix and Amazon were among the 14.

We’ve seen e-commerce companies e.g. Boohoo increasing their share prices strongly, and Amazon is a gargantuan e-commerce company. Also let’s not forget Amazon powers a lot of the internet you’re browsing right now.

Well done to those who bought before the crisis.

(As per FT policy, none of this is advice, always do your own research)

Where can we find insider trading and broker consensus on US stocks?

Atom finance has good US coverage for that kind of analysis, while looking pretty.

You can also use Yahoo finance (for free with no account).

Insider trades Snap Inc. (SNAP) Recent Insider Transactions - Yahoo Finance
Consensus (on the right bar they have nice graphics and summary too) Snap Inc. (SNAP) Analyst Ratings, Estimates & Forecasts - Yahoo Finance

Genuine Impact also has the consensus but I haven’t seen any insider trading. I think the consensus is part of premium for them though.

Simply Wall St Company - Simply Wall St does have both and they look pretty but it’s limited usage, similar to the one above.

So Yahoo is the one that has everything you want without any accounts needing to be setup. Worth having a play with them all though, I end up using a mix for what I need.

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