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You may like this report–of course it’s by ARK so it’s free @Cameron

“Most at risk is the $2 trillion of public enterprise value in Luxury Goods, Footwear & Accessories, Apparel Retail, Specialty Retail, Department Stores, and Apparel Manufacturing”

Arcadia Group–the TOPSHOPs–are already getting absorbed by e-commerce like ASOS.

AMAZON owns ecommerce and SHOPIFY own non-AMAZONians who like to sell stuff, like the SpaceX merch store.

Valuation isn’t insance because it’s all relative :crown:

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@Cameron, you post insightful stuff related to valuation. Any specific resources you would recommend for a noob wanting to learn more about this? Thanks in advance. :clap:

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Everywhere really, I saw the Amazon piece posted on /r/SecurityAnalysis which I would say is one of the better investing subs. That’s not a great accolade but the level of discourse is better and you don’t have to sift through quite as much rubbish as the others.


Thanks, wasn’t familiar with that subreddit. The sidebar has a lot of stuff :sweat_smile:.

Anywhere where people are posting thoughtful DCF models is great because they have to lay out all of their assumptions and you can clearly see which of those assumptions are driving value. Which opens up avenues for the reader(s) to further research and adjust those assumptions.

For example if you wanted more confidence in the assumptions around AWS growth you could start looking at competitors expectations and other 3rd party analysis about the total addressable market.

The comments on the piece are good as well:


I think you need to do an APV instead of DCF but it’s all relative man

Jeff Bezos doesnt want to have any more ZOOM meetings , so hes out

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business schools.

of course it’s from Reddit


Hedgin FX in multiple cpuntries --big gains. Smart

Amazon are due to launch their first store in the UK.

How do people think this will effect traditional convenience stores as shoppers no longer have to pay at the tills. It certainly makes sense in a Covid world.

Could this be a game changer?


Finally :raised_hands:
Innovation has been overdue in this sector. And customers are kings at amazon while all traditional retailers treat you terribly. I definitely welcome it with the normal big tech/monopoly reservations…


I wonder what Amazon want to do with their cashierless stores, are they going to sell that tech to supermarkets, or run them themselves? I doubt it’s the latter.

I think the saving on labor by removing cashiers is minimal, you still need security and shelf stackers. It’ll take a long time to pay back the initial set up cost. So it’s really about the convenience of not having to queue, maybe that inventiveness people to shop more and have bigger baskets?

Anyway, I’m interested in giving it a go.

You’d guess Amazon will open more stores in the UK. If they decide to fully commit to UK, perhaps they’ll look at buying a supermarket like Morrisons. UK supermarket/grocery is a very contested and lowish margin sector already, so it’s not simple to build out organically.

They’re definitely licensing the checkoutless Go tech to others - some retailers in US airports etc - but haven’t announced that many deals yet. Possibly sales are slow because supermarkets fear Amazon competing with them while also providing a layer of tech that hoovers up lots of actionable data. (If so, plenty of other checkoutless startups to go with.)

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Live at the first UK no checkout Amazon store in Ealing today.

Spotted by @ElisaE :camera_flash:

Not sure if the ‘no queues’ part is working yet…


So I want to buy AMZN, but can’t avoid a full share right now. I know I can buy fractional shares but in the case there is a stock split, it would mean my position would be sold… is this correct or have I misunderstood?

I regularly joke with my friends about an AMZN monopoly, eg AHS (amazon health service), Amazon towns and cities. And I want of piece of that pie, its just the fear of a split that’s putting me off…

I would have assumed you’d receive a split, of the fractional. That’s what happened to my holdings in TSLA / AAPL with their recent splits. I wasn’t forced to sell the remainder.


So it still splits fractional shares?