Android Bug? No fingerprint option

Anyone else on Android (OnePlus also for ref) no longer given the option to log in with your fingerprint since the last update and having only the option for the 4 digit passcode?

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Works fine for me on Android (v7837)

I have a OnePlus and I can’t see the option to add the fingerprint login?

I had the problem when I added new fingerprints, I couldn’t reenable the biometric log in as there isn’t an in-app option to select.
I had to clear the cache and data, I even reinstalled the app. Then when I logged in again it was enabled. Not sure if it will help you though as it might be phone specific issue?

Yeah I have the same issue

So logging out and back in did allow me to pick biometric log in again :raised_hands:

My guess is as Freetrade tries to stop screen overly (I often get the pop up when logging in) there is a potential bug/security issue with phones with a fingerprint sensor built into the screen like the OnePlus 7 Pro?

Oh excellent news that it was simple as relogging in. Did the issue only occur when you updated the app or when you changed phones? Has this happened before?

Yas Q.

Fingerprint has never worked for me. I’m just happy banging in my pin that I’d forgotten all about it. I’m on samsung galaxy 8 btw

Been using S8 and never had a problem with it. Now on S8+ and works just fine. I wonder if it has something to do with permissions.