New phone and logging back in

I’m on a new handset, and have updated to the latest Freetrade app, and now the app doesn’t recognise me with no option to access my portfolio. Am I missing something?

I’ve a related problem where I updated my system settings (Huawei) and now I can’t access my portfolio because FT app is asking me to update the app. When I attempt to access the app page via Google Play I can’t find FT at all. Messaged the developer via googleplay@freetrade but haven’t had a response yet!

I managed to solve it by making sure I used the right e-mail address as the one I originally signed up for. The forum login it turned out goes to a different email address, and that was the source of my confusion. Fortunately also, I had a passcode setup, and that saved authentication verification.

Try their pseudo chat service.

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Hey :wave:

This tends to happen if you enter a different email to the one you signed up with. If you could drop a message to we can help you get back into your account :+1:

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I am having problems logging into my Freetrade app on my phone… it can’t veriify me.
please can you fix this asap! I have sent email to
how long will this take I think I may have accidentally used a different email from what I signed on with the first time.

You could also try the in-app chat from the profile page.

@freetrade_customer_ops are great and will be able to to help as you’ve emailed them.