Reinstalled App cant sign in

Hi, I forgot my passcode after using the thumb print option for many, many months.

The thumb print disappeard randomly and i wasnt able to sign in.

To change the passcode, freetrade says to delete and reinstall the app.

Ive done that and now im stuck logged out, I put my original email in, it wont let me continue. I pretty cant do anything. I have not received any email or anything.

I am wanting to naturally gain access to my portfolio asap.

Ive got in touch with Freetrade with their hello email, hopefully i’ll get some assistance asap.

But if anyone knows whats causing the issue, any help or information would be appreciated.


Make sure that the email address you are inputting is the one you signed up with Freetrade for. Particularly if you use, or have used more than one email address. Check this by searching for emails ending in

Alternatively if you read your email via a client or app, log into the web version and check any spam/junk folder.

I’ve got the same problem. Using the correct email, I get the verification link via email but the app is just stuck “Creating profile” although I already have an account!

What did you do after? Mine has done the same