App log in issue

Hey all, I’ve been using the Freetrade App without any problems for some months now. Today I tried to log into App and it is going though the process of creating a profile/account. It will then get stuck in loop as it validates my info? I have reinstalled the App and same thing is happening.
A search here in forums points to the problem has happened in the past but with no conclusive fix.
I have contacted Freetrade via email and their response…

We received your message, and we’ll get back to you within three working days.

Verification and identity checks are taking 3-5 working days at the moment.

While you wait, you can also find answers to simple questions really fast by asking on the community forum or by searching through the FAQs:


Thanks for your patience.

Freetrade Team.

I would like some help sooner than 3-5 days please, ofc worried my investments may be unattainable.

First of all, make sure that you are using the email address that you signed up your account with, especially if you have more than one email account. Entering in the correct email address will send a magic link to that email address to login. Using another email address will start the process of setting up a new account. If you no longer have access to that email you should recover it.

If your investments have paid dividends, a good way to check it is the correct email is look for the email address that has received dividend emails.

If the above doesn’t work (or the original email address you signed up with is closed) then you will have to wait. Your investments aren’t going anywhere in the meantime.

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There should be an option to just log-in and the you type your email and they send you a link to completed the process. I’m guessing this ain’t happening?

Hi NeilB, I open the App and its functioning as a fresh install, and it was before I reinstalled it. Only option when App opens is to start the profile/account details.
No need for me to enter a profile again? I am already registered.

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I have just swapped iPhones and had to freshly sign in, it went smoothly without asking me to sign up again.

It seems like something support are going to have to help with, in my experience they’re much quicker than 3 days if that helps.

Thank you, this is the reason I for my error. Freetrade have been sending me all correspondence to another email account. <<me thinking this was the email to use.

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