You can now login to the Android app with your fingerprint ☝

To top off a busy day, you can now login to the Android app using fingerprint authentication :cake:

If you’re signing up for the first time then you’ll see the option to set this up automatically. If you have the app already, just log out & then log back in to enable this.



What! That is amazing.

Edit: just tried it, logged out, signed in, clicked the magic link in my email and then had the option to add fingerprint in the app! Even allows you to use it when confirming a buy or sell order. Well done freetrade android team.


The team is on :fire: today… tomorrow has to be a rest day :wink: Good work!


Looking forward to trying this :ok_hand: just need to update my app… Where’s that Android tablet gone :thinking::face_with_hand_over_mouth::laughing:

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Fantastic! This is a great feature.


I saw this feature requested a number of times in the testing feedback thread ( including from myself ) - great to see FT responding and implementing it so quickly :fire:


It works well! Good job on the quick implementation!

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I’m guessing, you just have to reinstall the app(until they add option to do it in the app?)

I have a question about the fingerprint reader, suppose that you need for any reason place a plaster on your finger. Is there a way to use an alternative method to log in just in case?

On iOS you just press cancel when Touch ID prompt comes up and enter your PIN

And on android there is the option in the fingerprint window that asks if you want to use the pass code. All sorted :+1:

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Great! Thanks for the reply! I’m on Android and even if I have the fingerprint reader I didn’t use it quite yet and one of the reason was that I didn’t want to remain stuck out the phone🤣