Android feature Roadmap

Could we have an android road map of when features will likely come to android.

The iOS app and Android app dont seem to coincide.

I see all the wonderful announcements on the freetrade social networks but android seems to be lacking. :frowning:

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I think they’re hitting the apps almost universally on the run up to Xmas? Dividends in activity feed are in the Android Beta.

They’ve previously said that some features will land on iOS first, while other features will land on Android first, which seems a fair way to do it.

I wonder if @Viktor can give us the percentage breakdown of Android vs iOS users?

Have you got any examples of where the Android app is behind iOS? (Besides dark mode!)

Nowadays we are, more often than not, building a feature for both iOS and Android at the same time. They don’t always exactly line up, but even then we usually wait for both of them before rolling it out.

It’s worth noting you may see a new feature shared in the community that you can’t see in your own app. Some users are enrolled in a beta programme, and have agreed to help us test features before they’re released to everyone.

But yeah, if there’s something we’ve missed, do tell! :sweat_smile:

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A few post from IG @jimmythompson

They’re all available on Android except Dark mode? I have all of them.


I have them too now (except dark mode) my point was to show feature are dropping on iOS before android.

I’m very glad to hear there wasn’t anything major that is still out of sync, I was worried we’d missed some things.

I pinky-swear, there are many changes that we’ve rolled out on both platforms at the same time! :sweat_smile:

It’s an unfortunate coincidence that the features we shout about on social media are the features we are super excited about releasing, so we want to get them out as soon as they’re ready on either platform.

However, I do agree it sucks when you see things on social media that you can’t use. Our recent new hire, @alexc-at-freetrade, is keen on evening the playing field! :robot: