Annual Letters to shareholders

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Would like Freetrade to send a letter to shareholders with the annual financial report. You can use Berkshire’s or Amazon’s as an example

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Good news for you, you can access Freetrade’s annual accounts via Companies House. British companies must file their annual accounts, even private companies. However, it seems like this is not a thing in the US.

In the US there is no need for filing of accounts in the same was as the UK. There are even minimal audit requirements.

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Thanks for the links Vlad.
Was thinking about something like this:

or like this:

to serve as, let’s say, a companion or introduction for the more technical financial report;
to recap was has been achieved so far and to indicate next steps;
to reinforce the awareness about the vision and the mission of the company;
to serve as a historical record of the journey: the good, the bad and the ugly;

et caetera

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There is a ‘sort of alternative’ to what you are suggesting in a form of annual goals.

However, I think it is important to bear in mind the sizes of Amazon and BH in comparison to Freetrade, as well as their ‘public company’ statuses, which oblige them to have a certain style of newsletters. Probably something Freetrade will adopt one day when it becomes a behemoth of the UK financial industry :wink:

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The requirements are different.
And the team does keep the shareholders and the community posted.
I like books, and letters as chapters. Can’t help myself

1st UK
2nd Europe
3rd the World :star_struck: