App bug: Pop sound when incoming message appears & phone on silent

I’ve muted all notification sounds on my phone except for incoming calls.

However, there is still an annoying “pop” sound whenever I receive an in app message (e.g. when a chat head pops up in the bottom left corner saying there’s no trading on Monday due to a bank holiday etc.).

This is the only app on my phone which makes notification sounds even though notifications are set to mute.

After searching online I found a thread that did that did mention that the sound could be because the app has tied the notification sound to the alarm or ringer volume level rather than the notification/media volume and sure enough after turning the ringer volume to 0 there was no more pop sound.

Are you able to change the in app chat notification sounds to be tied to the notification volume rather than the ringer volume?

I’m currently using:
Freetrade Version 1.0.9053
Android 10 (patch level 5 May 2020)