Apple Pay failure

Yesterday and today attempts to use Apple Pay to add funds have failed saying to check Apple Pay/wallet as the address doesn’t match what FT has. Neither have changed since the last time I used Apple Pay and do still match. Apple Pay works elsewhere. Anybody else experiencing this?

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Any solution for this one?

Are you using the same bank account that you signed up with? As in order to combat money laundering in the UK the account you make and receive payments from has to be the one you registered with

yeah all from the same account, i was able to make 2 deposits but then when i went to make a 3rd it said that my address didn’t match that of my FT account yet nothing had changed. Just seems like apple wallet formats the address in a way that FT doesn’t recognise.

Hmm how odd? I’m afraid I’m out of ideas

I had the same problem last week, actually had to check the user as I thought it was my complaint. Worked fine the next day when I tried though.