Apple Pay - Unsuccessful Due to Address

When trying to top up with Apple Pay it fails as:

“Your top up was unsuccessful
Please update your Wallet and Apple Pay billing address, to match the address you use for Freetrade”

Naturally I’ve checked and they do match. Using the same card I have linked to my account too. The only weirdness I can see is for some reason Freetrade lists my post code after my town and before my county whereas my phone displays it in the correct format. But the fields themselves are exactly the same.

Anyone else experiencing this?

In case anyone is experiencing this…

I’ve spoken with Apple who confirmed it should be working but when trying to make the transaction no details are being passed by Freetrade (so technically the address doesn’t match as the strings are null I guess).

Curious to know if anyone’s Apple Pay is actually working or if I’m just special. Not that anyone is going to be making any deposits at the moment.

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I had this yesterday as well - not tried to deposit since with Apple Pay but must be a Freetrade issue?

Ive had issues too. Tried an Apple Pay deposit and it shows as pending in my bank account but nothing in my Freetrade account. Is it the volume of deposits slowing things down?

I’m having the same issue with Android / Google Pay.

I came here expecting a support chat or tech FAQ or something. :confused:

@simonpoole @Freetrade_Admin
Could this be added to the list of bugs that need squashing?

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Do check the address on GPay is correct - mine didn’t work as it was my previous address though the card + FT had the same address…

Good shout, I checked it through the web and it looks correct there and in the app. I have some subscriptions on there, and recent GPay purchases have been fine, so I’m guessing it’s something with the integration.