Apple Pay top ups 🍏

So excited to see this appear as an option in the app, I had to register a forum account!


Thanks for sharing this, you beat me to it :smile:

Here’s a short guide to using Apple Pay to topup.

By the way, using Apple Pay to topup costs us more money than banks transfers so we’d be grateful if people used transfers whenever possible :money_with_wings:


Annoyingly it only appeared shortly AFTER I initiated a bank transfer top up… :rofl:

Looking forward to simpler future topups though, fantastic stuff guys :+1:t2:

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So easy! just tried it out

up to 45 mins for monies to appear

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Remember it’s a lifetime £1,000 limit, so you’ll run out at some point.

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Great news. As an Android user though, it’s irritating to seemingly have to play second fiddle again. Will Freetrade’s Android app forever lag the iOS one feature-wise? Is parity too much to ask for?

The Android app will definitely get to parity with the iOS app, within the next couple of months. The team’s big believers in that, especially because quite a few of them are Android users :wink:

We’re launching Android Pay topups in May.

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Certainly not :grinning:. We have set an internal goal to maintain parity. You’ll start to see some new features out on Android before iOS as well. This allows us to gather feedback before launching on both platforms.


That’s great to hear.

Now that’s what I’m talking about; sod parity—gimme gimme gimme! :joy:


How significant is the increase in using Apple Pay?

Figures be interesting :grinning:

I can’t share that much detail I’m afraid, just ‘more’ :slight_smile:

Any reason why not???

We’re often not going to disclose the commercial agreements that we have with our partners (who’re Stripe & here), if at all.

In case you’re wondering “but is that transparent?”, here’s how we think about that -


Fair enough, reminds me of the debate Monzo had/ have with ATM withdrawals

I’ll continue to add funds via bank transfer as it’s pretty seamless now Monzo automatically inserts my reference

I hope this helps new customers - however as they get used to Apple Pay , my only worry is as they soon hit their £1k limit they then have to revert to using a bank transfer which won’t be as convenient

Good work on the release of Apple Pay :muscle:


Hey @neovo, thanks!

By the way, we’ll also be introducing some other improvements to top ups soon, so hopefully these various options will offer good choices for people to top up depending on their own preferences etc.


Let me guess, once the investment platform is up and running? :wink:


We’ll have more in the pipeline before that! :grinning:


:eyes: on Twitter :smile:

Looks very smooth, I think it says up to £1000 can be topped up via Apple Pay, not sure if this is over the lifetime of your account, or per month/year.


It does. When this launches you’ll be able to top up, up to £1,000 over the lifetime of your account.

Here’s the video that’s in Josh’s tweet -

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Sorry, but what does that mean?!

Does it means that if someone makes a £1,000 top up in one go, that it will be it?! I ask cuz I’m not familiar with Apple Pay.