Any plans to up the google pay limit (and I assume apple pay)

Is there any plan to change the lifetime limit on Google Pay?

Getting very close to it now and definitely prefer this way to top up


They’ve mentioned in video AMAs that Google Pay costs too much to the company BUT that they are looking at debit card top ups soon


I am curious why it costs so much, I assumed Google would be keeping costs low to try to bring businesses over.

No they charge a premium over say Visa or MasterCard so you just end up paying two sets of fees.

They don’t have to compete on price because they offer increased security and convenience for the consumer.


I was told no plans to up the limit due to money laundering regulations so hopefully they will change their stance or allow 2 registered cards as I (like many I assume) have a joint account and a personal account.

the problem I see, is that they cannot verify the money comes from a debit card. You do not want your customers using lots of credit to buy shares.

That isn’t correct - Apple doesn’t charge merchants ie FT anything for using Apple Pay. However the card processor will still charge FT for accepting a card payment which obviously costs more than accepting a bank transfer.

I wonder how automated bank transfer credits are given they sometimes take a considerable time to reach your FT a/c and whether it would be better for FT to accept that a small cost on incoming funds for instant top ups is better than an poor customer experience of having to wait for funds.

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You can’t top up with a credit card even with google pay

It is possible using the BIN.

I was wondering whether Apple Pay gives the merchant an indicator as to whether it is a credit or debit card?

I couldn’t agree with this request more given the current circumstance of a bank holiday on the day AAPL and TSLA stock split.

I wanted to fund my account… oh look… I CAN’T (unbelievable) because… the FT system only allowed me to put £1k in through Google Pay and now I’m maxed out, and I can’t do any bank transfers because ridiculously they need to manually do something with a third party system (even though I’m transferring money into a Lloyds bank account) to credit my account but no-one is working because it’s a UK bank hol :man_facepalming:t5: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

So, how superb, the FT system puts it’s customers at a detriment because of poor functionality for funding. Of all the things to let you down, imagine it being not being able to put money INTO your account :astonished: :roll_eyes:

Should I have put money in on Fri?, sure, I should have (had I have known the account credit system was this bad, I would have) but should the FT system literally cause me to lose out on opportunity?, smh.

An increase to the GP limit for IMMEDIATE crediting of accounts is necessary when the rest of the FT crediting is this :poop:

Should we have to wait with this poor system until they figure out how to do debit card credits?
I don’t think so.
If Google Pay costs them money, pass the cost on, and give us the functionality!


I totally agree. This needs to be fixed ASAP. Had the same issue.


I just think there should be an instant transfer as standard on the app where the money immediately appears whether it’s Google/Apple Pay or bank transfer. I can do it on Revolut so I don’t see why FT can’t implement the same service. It would make the app and service as a whole much more streamlined.


Don’t forget to vote at the top

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Well said DansTheMan. This will undoubtedly damage Freetrade every day that goes by. I occasionally use a competitor who enables INSTANT deposits via debit AND credit cards and who also only take 1-2 days for withdrawals to reach my account. I want to be loyal to Freetrade but it is very difficult at times. I can’t get my head around the fact they can’t get something so basic sorted.


Which one? I was under the impression that investing through credit cards is illegal in the UK!?

I use the Barclays app on my phone, takes 2 hours for money to credit account but i prefered the google pay option. How long does it take to withdraw cash after selling shares, sold some last week and it still isn’t withdrawable?


Increasing the Apple Pay / Google Pay limit if you’re willing to pay an ‘administration’ fee to pay FT costs would seem to be a reasonable solution.


I think this open banking will replace it they’re hoping.