Help us test Google Pay top-ups 💸

Faster, easier top-ups in the Android app are on the way :zap:

We’re almost ready to start testing these in the app so please register here if you’d like to take this for a test drive here :point_down:


Whats the limit for paying by Google Pay?

At the moment, you can top-up up to £1,000 over the lifetime of your account.

Hope it changes, can see that limit getting exceeded pretty quickly.

You could argue people may not use it regularly if they are worried of hitting the limit, they might just use it for small instant purchases?

Is this limited to debit cards or does it support credit cards as well?

If credit cards, will customers face a fee from their card companies?

Just tried it.

Very straight forward. Much easier than a bank transfer

Hasn’t hit my freetrade account yet but the process was very smooth as I already had Google pay set up for other things

Will update if I notice anything I think needs improvements on

Edit - top up hit my account in less than 20 minutes. Might just be a coincidence but that was a lot faster than bank transfer has generally been

One small design thing you refer to it on the page as Google Pay and Google pay
Lower case/upper case p inconsistent


I think part of the appeal of Apple/Google Pay top ups is because they come in a lot faster than bank transfers, and so form a better first-time top up for on-boarding new users.

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Happen to know why Google pay is much quicker?

Just when I do a bank transfer to someone it is instant like Google Pay so I am just curious why one is faster on Freetrade

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Just topped up with Google Pay. Quick and easy process and money was in account in about 15/20 minutes.

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Works a treat. The £1000 top up is shared between Apple Pay and Google Pay. I was hoping I’d have £1000 with each. You’ve closed my loophole before I got there.


Thanks for clarifying why there is a 1000 limit. Just came on to ask about that

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Currently our bank transfers require manual intervention. This isn’t the case with Apple/Google Pay and hence it’s faster. By the end of the year it’ll be measurable in seconds and not minutes. :bullettrain_front:


Because you transfer to Freetrade with a unique reference number, who then (I believe) run batch processes to allocate money to various accounts throughout the business day. The actual bank transfer to Freetrade is instant, them allocating money to you takes time.

That is what I assumed - was just curious if there was a way for Freetrade to speed this up

Investment Platform, I presume :slight_smile:

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Google Pay is now available for all Android users :tada:


I’ve used it and it works well - but I would welcome any insight into the above questions…

Apologies for missing this :see_no_evil:

Credit cards aren’t supported for these top-ups.

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Worked perfectly for me using Google Pay - and I’ve previously used Apple Pay in the app too.
The limit correctly reflets any previous credits made using Google or Apple Pay - the £1,000 limit is shared between both.


I only gave one piece of feedback!

Please correct the Pay vs pay

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