250 limit on google pay (rant/complaint)

i thought this would be renewed each month. im almost out of top ups. when its done… it’s done? and I’ll need to start doing bank transfer i guess?

Yes. Once you’re set up it arrives in 1-4 hours. Google charge a % to FT so its not worth it their end since its not their money.


Bank transfers are very simple, it’s not a huge hardship. Especially now you can initiate it from within the FT app (for most major banks).

Yes you need to do bank transfer, it takes about 1hr, but it’s very easy.

I wonder what the charge is, and once you’ve hit your limit whether it’s worth FT saying ‘you can still do apple/google pay, but you’ll be charged x% for the privilege of an instant transfer’…

T212 charge 0.7% which isn’t too bad. But instant bank transfer through truelayer should be possible soon if FT sort it. Definitely should be faster if they automate it.

I topped up with a bank transfer last friday and it took 35 minutes

thanks for all replies, my issue was i thought it would take 3 days to show up in my account. but if its fast no problem. thanks!

It used to be like that but this is one area that has gotten noticeably better since using Truelayer. Would love it to be faster still though.

First bank transfer for me took 3 hours but every one since its been 1.5 hours ish

I had one come through in seconds this week, may have just been lucky. Didn’t even have time to close the app.

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