Help us test Google Pay top-ups 💸

Google Pay worked perfectly for me. My only feedback was that I didn’t know what timings to expect from either bank transfer or Google Pay. I asked in the chat after and was told Google Pay is about 45 minutes which was about right. Perhaps it’d be good to show approximate times beside the options or just after topping up?


I used Google Pay yesterday using Credit card (it seems both Visa and Mastercard are accptable however Amex are not) and it worked fine for me… took about 45min for balance to update.
Only restricted to £1000 :man_facepalming:t2:

I’ve experienced an issue which prevented me using Google Pay on Freetrade.

When I enter the amount, the pop-up keyboard covers the ‘pay’ button and won’t go away when I hit the green ‘return’ key in the bottom right nor if I tap somewhere else on the screen.

I get the same problem with the withdraw funds screen. Thankfully, the ‘confirm withdrawal’ button’s just above the keyboard though.

Edit: The back button allows me to work around this problem.

I’m sorry to hear that, could you send those details to us via the in-app chat so that we can look into that?

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No worries, it seems to be a problem across a few apps actually. Bug in my out-of-date custom Rom more than likely.

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I tried it yesterday and it worked flawlessly.

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Worked for me with a Mastercard credit card. I can’t see any fees on my account yet for a cash transaction, but it would be good to get clarity on this and what charges you will be incurring by accepting credit card transactions.

I tried this today and it took 52 mins to reach my account.

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Although several people above have said they managed to top up with a credit card, that shouldn’t be possible, and was not possible for me today. It is standard practice in the investment industry that credit cards are not accepted for buying stocks. Only debit cards are allowed, so that the broker gets their money immediately, without having to collect from the credit card company later, or worry about chargebacks. (And, perhaps, to make sure that naive investors don’t buy stocks and then pay 18% interest on their credit cards as a result!)

Unfortunately in the Freetrade app, the error message I received when experimenting with trying to top up with a credit card was not ‘we can’t accept this card’, but that my addresses didn’t match! Freetrade say they are aware of the incorrect error message and will be updating it.

I tried to top up with my credit card and I get the same misleading error on the address, so I agree that the error message should be more appropriate or, if possible, it should not be possible to select the credit card at all.

I topped up last yesterday, 9th, says so in activity. Still no money in account.

I tried to top up with gpay with my bank card. First time I used it, it worked fine. Now after about 10 tries I always get the “address did not match” error.

No idea why.

Sorry to hear that’s not working for you. :cry:

Can you send us an in-app message and we’ll look into this for you.

Is GooglePay one of those services that Freetrade are happy to provide, but if you can, please just use a bank transfer as it costs less to run?

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Yes, indeed! Thanks for using bank transfers! :pray:

Any chance of speeding up bank transfers?

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Yes, this is something we are exploring, Yohance, but it’s a little early to share details. :wink:

Meanwhile, we have instant deposits on the roadmap, too:

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Worked flawlessly for me. Two times £500 tops ups on different days. :+1:

As I use a bank with a great app (Starling), bank transfer aren’t that much of a hassle IMO.

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