Aptiv - APTV (NYSE)

The driverless vehicle industry is set to explode over the next few years and I for one am pretty excited about it. Some analysts have predicted that the market could grow from around $800 million to $7 trillion over the next 20+ years. In a nutshell Aptiv is “the only company to provide both the “brain” and “nervous system” of an autonomous vehicle”.
Definitely one for Freetrade…

Came across these guys in Dublin where they’re HQ’d. Definitely one for FT to have I agree!

What’s aptiv’s product? The whole article does not actually state that. Just a collection of buzz words.

Yeah, a must have stock on every portfolio.
I will open a small position on 26th as I’m already over exposed to autonomous driving.

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Another request not on FT that’s listed on Trading 212 :((


After invest launches I don’t think we’ll have too long to wait for the floodgates to open.

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Are there any stocks currently on invest that aren’t on the non-beta?

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Nothing in particular. They’re just taking part in the race hoping to get something reliable before Google, Uber etc

@ukcz Great question. Would like to know this

They’re not too explicit with their products, but their website gives a better idea of what they will provide for autonomous vehicles.